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Wednesday, 26 June 2019

First 3D-Prints!


So, I'm starting to get the hang of this whole 3D-printing business with my Creality Ender 3.
After plenty of bad pieces, I've constantly tweaked my settings until I get stuff that actually starts to look usable. :)

I have decided to make some quick stuff, not putting more work than absolutely neccessary into it, just to see how easy/good it can be without any hassle.

Here are some of the stuff I've printed so far. Miniature just for scale (standard GW Chaos Marine).

First off is a Sector Imperialis-ruin, sprayed Zandri Dust and some Vallejo Grey spray.

Next are a few printed bits and pieces, glued to some foamboard and just sprayed grey:

And finally, some walls, sprayed grey and added base/foliage:

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