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Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Creality Ender 3 Broken!

Thus ended my career in the 3D-printing business 😂

My newly bought 3D-Printer broke down this morning. When I tried printing my first piece of terrain, flashes and smoke were the only result.

I started printing a test model yesterday that came with the printer, and it began printing allright. I had to stop because it was getting late, but was so looking forward to print something cool today...

I present to you my first partly printed test model! Now to decide whether or not I should get another printer after this. It was fun, but is it worth worrying that my apartment might be set on fire?


  1. Yeesh...I'm sorry to hear this happened. I'd suggest you keep going with your project, but I'd recommend you look into a different type of printer. Try reading some online reviews of other brands and see if you can find one that works a little better.

    1. Yeah so very annoying, I was like a child on Christmas that morning :)
      But it seems only a cable shorted out, they will be replacing it for me.