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Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Warzone Shadow Walkers

So, I've been assembling quite a large bunch of Warzone miniatures these past few days. As anyone who have done so knows, these miniatures can be quite fiddly and need some cleaning up before gluing them. I was going to take a break before continuing the project, when I stumbled upon these Mishima Shadow Walker miniatures that to my great surprise came already assembled and with scenic bases as well!

Oh the joy of not having to assemble these fellows! :) And cool poses as well, one of them is even throwing some shuriken around! If this would have been the future of Warzone Resurrection, I'm even sadder it blew up!


  1. Hey, no idea if you'd be interested. but im desperately trying to track some of these discontinued models down. would you be interested in selling them? thanks.

    1. Hi!

      I will actually be using these minis for a wargame that I design myself (based on the Siege of the Citadel rules) so I'll hold on to them abit longer :)

    2. all good. thanks for the reply!