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Sunday, 25 November 2018

Unboxing: Village Attacks


I finally got to open the main box of Village Attacks by Grimlord Games that arrived a few days ago!

Beautiful Artwork

First View

Nice pictures and good layout

Miniatures! Mainly peasants...

Hunters and Monsters

You get a dice/token bag, nice!

Some of the room tiles, looking good.

More rooms and corridors.

Close-up of a room tile. Nice details in there!

Dice, small cards, and a metal coin!

Monster cards...

Close-up of the Dullahan monster card.
It's cool how you can upgrade your monster's abilities.
Minis! The six monsters of the main box...

The Lich, Vampire, and Banshee...

Vampire, Banshee, Succubus...

Succubus and Dullahan

A  peasant for size comparison.
Again, size comparison. That Lich is a big fellow!

The four Peasant type miniatures. You get a total of 32 peasants.

Closeup of peasants...

More peasants!

The Hunters types - more dangerous than peasants.
You get 24 of these in the box.

Size comparison of the Hunters.

Town Heroes! Here are the Executioner and the Gravedigger next to Dullahan.

Executioner, Gravedigger, Bounty Hunter, Skald, Alchemist.

Bounty Hunter, Skald, Alchemist next to the Vampire.
Size comparison:
Lich, Stryker (Warmachine), Vampire, Chainrasp (Age of Sigmar), Succubus.

Stryker, Dullahan, Chainrasp, Banshee.

Hunter, Stryker, Peasant, Chainrasp.
Note the similar poses of Stryker and the Hunter!

Executioner, Stryker, Gravedigger, Chainrasp, Skald.

Next up, the Kickstarter expansions!

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