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Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Dust 1947 Freeform: Axis vs Allies (60AP) - Part 3

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Turn 3 - Score

Allies 2 (3 needed to draw, 4 needed to win)

Allies win initiative this time.

They go first with the Heavy Assault Rangers,
charging into the Grenadiers on the eastern flank.

Close combat is always very deadly and, striking first,
the Rangers kill 3 of them for a single casualty in return.

Next up, the Axis activate the dreaded Medium Walker,

It just opens up with all its guns on the Assault
Rangers on the objective, easily killing them all
with its Sustained Fire.

The Recon Rangers then left their position behind
the hedge next to the barn, and March Moved all
the way to claim the eastern objective.

The two Laser Grenadiers in the woods, moved up
and fired at the Rangers claiming the objective.

Only the Laser Gun was in range, but it missed its target.

Bazooka Joe left his cover in the woods and hid behind
a nearby hill. This was the final activation of the Allies.

Hans, the Light Walker, reloaded its massive guns and
moved to attack the eastern flank next turn.

The Grenadiers, knowing full well how deadly the
Heavy Assault Rangers were in close combat,
decided to attack them with their Machineguns.

With a hail of bullets, they killed both Rangers.

The Grenadier Command then activated, and used
their Reactivation Order on the Hans walker.

Hans activated again, and fired on the Rangers holding
the objective. Only one of them were killed, meaning
that the Axis would have a really hard time getting
the Allies off the objective this turn.

The final model for the turn was Sigrid von Thaler, moving 
to the other side of the barn where she could fire at the lone ranger.
The Laser Pistol missed, and the Panzerfaust 100's hit
was saved by the Ranger's Infantry Save.

End of Turn 3 - Score

Allies 3 (3 needed to draw, 4 needed to win)

Turn 4

The Allied had enough Victory Points to at least have a draw. With only two models left, it would be tough to achieve victory. But one of the two survivors was Bazooka Joe, after all!

The Allies won initiative in the fourth turn.

Knowing it was just a few moments until his death,
the lone Ranger on the objective opened fire with his
Machinegun at the two Grenadiers in the opposite wood.

Rolling 3 hits, he killed both of them. Vengeance!

Sigrid von Thaler then activated. She would have wanted
nothing else but to charge the lone Ranger. But he was
too far away, so she instead fired at him...

...scoring two hits that the Ranger didn't save. Only Bazooka
Joe was left standing on the Allied side now!

The Allied player decided to pass his turn...

So the Axis moved the Hans back to cover the western objective.

...and again, the Allied unit passes. He can do this
as long as he has fewer units left to activate than
the enemy.

So the Axis activates the Laser Grenadiers,
moving them up towards the objective.

...AGAIN, the Allies pass. Bazooka Joe's
intention is now perfectly clear - he will rush
the objective and hope to survive the incoming attack.

The Axis player therefor saves his Ludwig's activation, 
and instead activates the Command Grenadiers, moving
them up to the edge of the wood.

Bazooka Joe then rushes up to claim the western objective.

And the Ludwig, as the final unit to activate this turn,
fires all its cannons and guns at him...

...only hitting twice and putting 1 wound on Joe.
As the dust settles, Bazooka Joe has claimed the
Objective and the final Victory Point needed to
secure a win for the Allies!

End of Turn 4 - Score

Allies 4 (3 needed to draw, 4 needed to win)


On turn 3 I should have reactivated the Grenadiers instead, with their two Machineguns they would have made short work of the two Rangers on the objective. I also should have advanced more units up the board. At first I was content at just killing whatever showed their ugly faces, but this bit back hard in the end when I couldn't threat Bazooka Joe in any way until he claimed the final Victory Point for the Allies.

I brought too few long ranged weapons, and not enough anti-tank ones. I felt abit bad passing all those activations at the end, but knew I had to make one final rush and survive to have any chance of winning the game. Luckily the Ludwig that had caused me so much grief during the game, made some really bad shots at Joe.

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