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Friday, 13 July 2018

Dust 1947 Freeform: Axis vs Allies (60AP) - Part 2

Read Part 1 HERE.

Start of Turn 2 - Score

Allies 0 (3 needed to draw, 4 needed to win)

The Axis won Initiative this time...

...and wasted no time in activating the Ludwig once again.

It spotted the Blackhawk just barely, but enough to shoot at it.

It hit once, but the Blackhawk did not make its cover save.

Blackhawk down!

With all Axis units in cover, the Allied player activated the 
Heavy Commandos.
Their dreaded Phaser technology ignores enemy cover, 
so they moved up behind cover of the hedgerow 
up ahead, and opened fire on the Laser Grenadiers.

They scored 4 hits, and due to the cover-ignoring ability,
it was enough to kill 3 Grenadiers. Furthermore, since the 
Laser Grenadiers had already been shot at, they were now Suppressed.

Next, the Grenadiers on the eastern flank could not resist taking a 
shot at the exposed Rangers moving up the river. With two 
Machineguns in range, 16 dice were rolled!

Plenty enough to gun them all down! In one swift blow, the 
Allies lost their entire eastern flank.

Next up, the Recon Rangers advanced to take better position behind a
nearby hedge in front of the Heavy Commandos...

...and opened fire on the Sturmgrenadiers in the woods. 

Because their foe were in cover, only 2 of them 
were killed despite 14 incoming shots!

The Axis player decided to active the Grenadier Command unit,
which, despite halving their movement in the woods, still were close
enough to re-active the dreaded Ludwig.

(We forgot that they had a Comms Radio so could re-active anyway!)

They succeded their Order Roll, and so the Ludwig could fire yet again!
By the way, we also noted we had put Ludwig's feet pointing 
the wrong direction! It's not even the first time we do that error...

So the Ludwig medium walker was up next, thanks to the reactivation order.
It decided to shoot all of its guns at the Recon Rangers behind the hedge,
and quickly disposed of 3 of them.

The Allied player needed to regain his momentum, so Bazooka Joe
decided to yell at the Heavy Commandos to get moving again,
which they did.

The Commandos moved up to the objective, despite the nearby threats
of the Hans walker and Sigrid von Thaler.

They opened fire on the three Sturmgrenadiers in the wood... 

...slaying them all.
Long live Ignore Cover!

The situation then tensed, as the Hans light walker moved out from behind
the barn, and opened fire with its deadly payload at the Heavy Commandos.

"Uh oh..."

Two Commandos died to the destructive weaponry, 
but the Objective was still in Allied hands.

The Assault Rangers then activated and moved up to re-inforce the objective.
Having a Move of 3 (30cm) meant they could well reach the objective and even fire.

Unfortunately, the Shotguns could not even damage the walker, and the Flamethrower
failed to damage it.

Sigrid von Thaler saw her chance of inflicting some pain upon the enemy.
She moved up, ever behind the Hans, and opened fire with her Panzerfaust 100
at the Assault Rangers, and her Laser Pistol at the final Heavy Commando.

The Panzerfaust's shots were all five wildly off, but Sigrid's Laser Pistol kept 
rolling hit after hit, so the Heavy Commando had to make 3 successful saves...
...he succeeded with none of them.

Still, the western objective was under Allied control, and with only one 
unit left to activate for the Axis (a depleted and suppressed squad!), 
things were starting to look grim.

The Allies decided to make a gamble, and flew the Heavy Ranger Assault Squad 
all the way to the eastern objective. The Grenadiers that took out the Combat 
Rangers were still lurking nearby...but at least they couldn't to anything else this turn.

The final unit activated - the two members of the Laser Grenadiers first
got rid of their Suppression, and then opened fire at the Assault Rangers
on the eastern objective.

With two initial hits, followed by another hit, two Rangers were
killed by the fire.

End of Turn 2 - Score

Allies 2 (3 needed to draw, 4 needed to win)

The end of the second turn was here, and with it it became clear that the Allies had scored 2 Victory Points. Another two and the victory would be theirs! Next turn would be vital for the Axis - they had to get rid of at least one allied presence on the two objectives. 

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