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Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Dust 1947 Freeform: Axis vs Allies (60AP) - Part 1


Bazooka Joe looked around. He felt pride as he watched his Rangers get their gear together. They were good men, the lot of them! 

Still, he could not help but feel a sting of worry as he pondered the latest intel he had received. The intel told of two artefacts of strange origin in the area, two artefacts the Allies needed to get their hands on asap! 

But the Intel had also showed something else... If the information was to be trusted, and Joe saw no reason not to, the damned Blutkrauz was also around here somewhere. The enemy were no doubt also looking for the artefacts. Bazooka Joe could almost feel the presence of his hated foe, Sigrid von Thaler of the Blutkrauz. 

Still, his orders were clear - move in, decipher what you can from the artefacts, and move out.

The Battlefield, with the artefacts in the middle of the field, to either side.

The Mission

- The Allies mission is to reach the two objectives. Starting from Turn 2, the Allied player receives 1 Victory Point at the end of each turn one of his units stands on an objective.

- If the Allies reach at least 4 VP:s, they have won the game. However, vehicles cannot be used to decipher the artefacts and scores 0 VP:s by standing on an objective.

- The Axis must prevent the Allies from claiming the artefact sites! If the Allies has gained no more than 2 VP at the end of the 6th turn, the Axis player wins. 

- If the allies only manages to gain 3 VP:s, the game is a draw. This means that although some information has been deciphered for the Allied scientists to go forward with the research, they will do so at a much slower pace than is necessary.

East Objective
West Objective

The Forces

The Allied Force (59 AP)
- Bazooka Joe
- Heavy Commando Battle Squad
- Heavy Ranger Assault Squad
- Ranger Assault Squad
- Ranger Recon Squad
- Ranger Combat Squad
- Blackhawk Light Assault Walker

The Axis Force (59 AP)
- Sigrid
- Grenadier Command Squad
- Grenadier Battle Squad
- Sturmgrenadier Recon Squad
- Laser Grenadier Squad
- Hans Tank Hunter Walker
- Ludwig Tank Hunter Walker

Turn 1

Thanks to Bazooka Joe, the Allies roll 4 dice for Initiative, and wins.

Their first move is with the Assault Rangers, moving up the west part of the battlefield.
The Axis respond by moving in their Battle Grenadiers in the opposite corner of the battlefield,
taking up position within a fir wood.
Next up, the Heavy Ranger Commando unit quickly marches upp the middle,
claiming cover behind some trees and hedges.
The Laser Grenadiers enter the battlefield, sneaking up inside the forest...
...They can barely be seen by the previously activated Assault Rangers.

The Recon Rangers move up the middle field, intent on firing at the Laser Grenadiers
on the opposite side of the battlefield. They are within range of both the Automatic Rifles
and the Machinegun, so the unit opens fire...
...but its only two hits were saved by the armour and cover of the Grenadiers!
The Laser Grenadiers have them Rangers in clear but distant view!

The Grenadier Command Unit moves on and orders the Laser Grenadiers to activate again,
but they failed their Order roll.

The Allied player then moves the Combat Rangers, wading in the river.
They have their sights on the objective a short bit further up.

Next up, the Hans march moves up to hide behind the abandoned barn...

...and on the opposite side, the Blackhawk moves up a short bit to hide behind a hill.

But the hiding spot was not as good as the Blackhawk pilot thought, 
as the Ludwig moves on and positions itself to fire at the Blackhawk!

Reaching 140cm(!) the Blackhawk is easily within range of its Dual Anti-Tank Guns.

With two loud booms, the dual guns fire...both missing their mark.

Coming close to the end of the first turn, with no casualties so far, 
Bazooka Joe enters the field. He orders the Assault Rangers forward, 
but they can obviously not hear him as he fails the Order roll.

Sigrid von Thaler moves up to just behind the Hans
with her deadly payload of Panzersfaust 100:s.

She can barely be seen from the Allied side of the battlefield,
hiding as she is behind the light walker.

The final unit for the Allies, the Heavy Assault Rangers flies up right behind the Assault Rangers.

And the final move of Turn 1, the Sturmgrenadiers move up and
positions themselves at he outskirts of the forest.

End Turn 1 - Score

Allies 0 (3 needed to draw, 4 needed to win)

Turn 2 should prove to be a bloody one...

Read Turn 2 HERE


  1. Nice report!
    Btw, w
    as these pics' scenery made by you?

    1. Thanks mate! Its usually a very tense and fun game so we're looking forward to playing it out...but an unexpected vacation came so it'll have to wait a week.

      Some terrain are made by me, and some are bought and fixed by me in some way or another.
      The river is the only thing that that is just as I bought it :)