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Sunday, 16 April 2017

PPC: Point Costs for Kharadron Overlords


Here's the calculated costs for the Kharadron Overlords. These will be in the late May update of PPC, so you have a chance of trying them out before that and report back for tweaked costs.

Arkanaut Admiral

Brokk Grungsson
320 pts

100 pts

Arkanaut Admiral
120 pts

Aetheric Navigator
90 pts

120 pts

10 Arkanaut Company
90 pts
Additional Models +9 pts.
3 in every 10 models can be upgraded with a specialist weapon for +5 pts/model.
May include a Company Captain for +5 pts.

5 Grundstok Thunderers
75 points
Additional Models +15 pts.
Must be equipped with any of the following:
- Aethershot Rifle for +1 pts / model.
- Aetheric Fumigator for free.
- Decksweeper for free.
- Aethercannon for +1 pts / model.
- Grundstok Mortar for +15 pts / model.
May include a Gunnery Sergeant for +5 pts.
May be equipped with a Drillbill for +5 pts.

3 Endrinriggers
120 pts
Additional Models +40 pts.
Any Equipment Choices +5 pts/model.
May include a Mizzenmaster for +5 pts.

3 Skywardens
110 pts
Additional Models +35 pts.
Any Equipment Choices +5 pts/model.
May include a Custodian for +5 pts.

Grundstok Gunhauler
200 pts
Free choice of equipment.

Arkanaut Frigate
250 points
Free choice of equipment.

Arkanaut Ironclad
500 pts
Free choice of equipment.


  1. I'm going to be starting up these guys so I'll definitely be offering feedback, though right now I can say that Endrinriggers should have probably a 15-25 point tax on the first three models because of their repair ability. It's significant enough to warrant a cost but doesn't scale with unit size.

  2. Battalions are up on dakka, all of them are 100 save the Grand Armada which is 75.

    1. Great, I'll add them to the upcoming army list!