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Thursday, 6 April 2017

New Years Resolution 2017 - March


Here's the painted miniatures for March!

I have focused on getting a ton of Zombicide Black Plague minis ready, with minimal effort except for the heroes, that I spent some more time on. I noticed that the plastic used for these minis are prone to chipping, so I put some matt varnish on the hero miniatures. Although they seem sealed enough, the varnish also took away some of the highlighting I did.

Here we go!

Our valiant heroes!
The Necromancer, the Abomination, and the
horde of Walkers, Runners and Fatties!

Additional models from the Kickstarter:
Queen Medea and the Deadeye Walkers

Alakhai the Cunning from Warzone Resurrection

Finished small miniatures: 94
Finished large miniatures: 0

New Miniatures:
Warhammer Quest - Shadows over Hammerhal: 31

Unfinished small miniatures: 904 - 94+31 = 841!
Unfinished large miniatures: 39 - 0 = 39!


  1. Wish I had my Zombicide minis painted too. Makes for such a nice game experience.