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Sunday, 14 August 2016

BattleScribe file updated to v2016.08


The BattleScribe file for PPC v2016.08 has been updated to include all the changes made. It will now also list each unit according to their Battlefield role in the General's Handbook (Battleline, Leader, Behemoth etc.). Get the new file HERE.

I have also updated some other lists with things I noticed while working on the BattleScribe file:

The terrain pdf wasn't properly updated to v2016.08, but is now!
Thanks NinthMusketeer for noticing!

Legion of Azgorh: Shar'Tor the Executioner should not have the Bull Centaur Renders unit options.

Khorne Bloodbound: Khorne Bloodreavers maximum number corrected.

Skaven: Skavenslaves maximum number corrected.

Aelves: White Lions maximum number corrected.

Sylvaneth: Guardians of the Deepwood had the old points still.

Stormcast: Dracoth Cavalry maximum number corrected.

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