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Thursday, 14 July 2016

Warmachine for AoS - Menoth list v2016.05a


To keep my sanity almost intact, I've decided to update each of the Warmachine lists with a few units each time instead of making them one big update with everything. As with the other lists, I've tried to make each unit have more or less the same role it has (or should have according to its fluff) in Warmachine.

This time the Menoth list gets some point costs tweaks, and a few new units added:

High Allegiant Amon Ad-Raza - A fast and deadly fighter, who makes his warjacks better not through spells, but through fighting his enemies!

Dervish - Simple and effective killer that poses a threat to infantry and deals even more damage to monsters, heroes, and other warjacks.

Devout - A protective warjack, shielding nearby heroes from both attacks and spells.

Exemplar Cinerators - Slow-moving, but dangerous melee unit that closes their distance when attacked by enemy units.

Exemplar Errants - A quite tough shooting unit that operates deep within enemy territory, and can stand their own in melee as well.

Check them out HERE, and don't forget to leave any feedback on things to improve :)

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