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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

PPC Comp Changes for upcoming v2016.08

So the General's Handbook has arrived (and what a great book it is!). We've been discussing how to change the PPC to better reflect these new times, and this is what we're thinking. It is as always open for discussion!

New Comp Document

Force Organisation
We have yet to decide if we should:
1) Keep the current one (50%/50%). [i]This gives people freedom of choice but keeps mono-artillery/heros/monsters lists at bay.[/i]
2) Use the same as GH (Battleline, Leaders, Behemoths etc). [i]This is what people will be accustomed to anyway.[/i]
3) Remove alltogether and let Tournament Organizers do as they wish. [i]With proper points, stuff is balanced either way so who needs limits.[/i]

We are leaning towards alternative 2 or 3 here.


- Remove the Grand Alliance limits, and instead use GH:s bonuses for being in alliance.

We first thought about putting points to the abilities and items and open them up to use multiple times/army. We really miss the days when you could sit for hours adjusting your list with which magic item to put on which hero. In the end it felt like it would be too much work though.


- Keep the section on Batallions.

We have LOTS of Battalions in PPC thanks to the hard work of Ninthmusketeer, so we might as well keep this text in the Comp Doc as well :)

House Rules
- Keep base measuring.
- Add all three GH "rules of one". Remove the current PPC rule about Dice Rolls.
- Use the GH way to use summoning (pre-paid points pool!). Remove the current PPC way of doing it.
- Not use GH "Triumphs" for having less points than your opponent, as its way easier to use all your points in PPC...just add a few more models!
- Keep the Silly Rules always active. Not much of a problem these days but should be included nontheless.
- Keep the scaling cost of models such as Zombies/Freeguild Guard etc.

-Re-write the PPC battleplans to feel more in line with the ones from GH. Remove the section on Tie Breakers in Tournaments. Haven't had any feedback on them so far from tournamnets so possibly not used (or the tournaments didn't come down to ties).
- Models deploying or re-deploying (using special abilities) can not score victory points or objectives on the turn they arrive. This will also affect the official battleplans.

What to you guys and gals think about these changes?


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