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Saturday, 4 June 2016


Hey all,

We're now live with our own domain name, so you can access this website through www.ageofwargamers.com from now on!

On other notes,
The full Warmachine: Cygnar book will be up for use in Age of Sigmar in a few days, and then the Flesh-Eater Courts will have Unit Cards made for ease of reference.



  1. Hi guys, thank you for all your work here. I am looking forward to trying it out in battle. I am wondering if you the unit cards for the other armies are still being worked on? I would dearly love to have the dwarf cards especially! Many thanks, Mark.

    1. Hi!
      Yeah, we hit a speedbump when GW began releasing lots of small subfactions, but we're still going to work on it more. For the forseeable future we intend to make rules for Warmachine units and cards for subfactions. I can make some for the Dispossessed and Ironweld after the Flesh-Eaters.