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Wednesday, 11 May 2016

PPC Updated to 2016.05!

Cheers all!

It's update time! Below is a list of all major changes that have been made for the 2016.05 update.

Also, for the next period, this is where our focus will be:
1) The Battlescribe file for 2016.05 will be updated.
2) The four Warmachine lists will include all units from the Warmachine faction books.
3) More Unit Cards will be made for Age of Sigmar factions.

As always, find the lists HERE.


- Added a short text that PPC always uses the latest available warscroll version.

- Changed some Battleplan victory conditions to make sure low cost units are not punished.
- Updated how the factions are bundled in army lists. Now all forces belonging to a general keyword will be in the same list.
- Updated the lists with lots more Battalions!
- Many weapon upgrades in a unit will cost extra when equipped on the unit champion now.


Herds & Monsters
- Centigors decreased to 17 pts / model.
- Tuskgor Chariot decreased to 70 pts / model.
- Chimera decreased to 265 pts.
- Slaughterbrute decreased to 240 pts.
- Chaos Trolls increased to 185 pts initial cost, 61 pts / model.
- Updated the Savage Dominion spell.

- Bullgor Stampede decreased to 400 pts.

- Skullgrinder decreased to 95 pts.
- Bloodstoker decreased to 80 pts.
- Blood Warriors decreased to 17 pts.
- Bloodreavers decreased to 4 pts.
- Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage decreased to 320 pts.
- Bloodthirster of Unfettered Fury decreased to 360 pts.

- Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster decreased to 450 pts.

Legion of Azgorh
- No changes!

- Orghotts Daemonspew decreased to 260 pts.
- The Glottkin decreased to 725 pts.

- Plague Priest decreased to 85 pts, and added upgrade options.
- Thanquol and Boneripper increased to 375 pts, but both equipment options decreased by 25 pts each.
- Verminlord Warpseer increased to 450 pts.
- Verminlord Corruptor increased to 340 pts.

- Keeper of Secrets decreased to 315 pts.
- Seeker Chariots of Slaanesh decreased to 80 pts.

Tamurkhan's Horde
- Plague Ogres decreased to 145 pts initial cost, and 48 pts / model.

- The Blue Scribes increased +10 pts to 160 pts, and had a clarification on their Scrolls of Sorcery ability.
- Pink Horrors of Tzeentch initial cost increased to 200 pts.
- Daemon Cohort of Tzeentch decreased to 450 pts.

- Chaos Lord on Manticore: Flail & Lance decreased to 5 pts and Mark of Khorne to 10 pts.
- Daemon Prince upgrade Fly decreased to 15 pts.
- Chaos Familiar increased to 20 pts initial cost.
- Soul Grinder decreased to 340 pts, Daemonbone Talon to 20 pts.
- Marauder Horsemen's Chaos Keyword is now a free upgrade.


Forces of Death
- Black Knights decreased to 19 pts. Champion and Hornblower decreased to 5 pts. Standard Bearer decreased to 40 pts.
- Zombies initial cost decreased to 20 pts.
- Dire Wolves decreased to 18 pts.
- Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon Ancient Shield decreased to 30 pts and Chalice of Blood decreased to 50 pts.
- Mourngul increased to 410 pts.

- Morghast additional models decreased to 110 pts.
- Added and changed the Flesh-Eater Courts according to their new Battletome.

Tomb Kings
- Skeleton Horsemen decreased to 17 pts.
- Royal Legion of Chariots decreased to 450 pts.


- Grots additional models decreased to 6 pts for Hordes.
- Grot Spear Chukka increased to 90 pts.
- Grot Rock Lobber increased to 90 pts.
- Nasty Skulkers initial cost increased to 50 pts. Additional models decreased to 8 pts.
- Grot Wolf Chariot decreased to 45 pts.
- Grot Wolf Riders decreased to 15 pts. Raidin' Shields decreased to 1 pt.
- Snotling Pump Wagon decreased to 30 pts.
- Grot Warboss decreased to 55 pts. Added new options.
- Moonclan Grots additional models decreased to 6 pts for Hordes.
- Moonclan Squig Hoppers decreased to 13 pts.
- Moonclan Squig Herders minimum size decreased to 2 models for 8 pts.
- Cave Squigs additional models decreased to 9 pts.
- Grot Spider Riders decreased to 16 pts.

- Basilisk increased to 185 pts.
- Bonegrinder Giant increased to 340 pts.
- Colossal Squig increased to 300 pts.
- Fimir Maul upgrade decreased to +4 pts.
- Incarnate Elemental of Beasts increased to 370 pts.
- Incarnate Elemental of Fire increased to 350 pts.
- Rogue Idol of Gork/Mork increased to 510 pts.
- Troll Hag increased to 415 pts.

- Tyrant base cost decreased to 140 pts. Upgraded with new equipment options.
- Mournfang Cavalry decreased to 82 pts.
- Upgraded Butcher with new equipment options.
- Gutbuster Grots additional cost decreased to 7 pts for Hordes.
- Maneaters decreased to 70 pts.
- Hunter decreased to 105 pts.
- Stonehorn increased to 425 pts.
- Thundertusk decreased to 370 pts.

- Orruk Warboss on Wyvern increased to 280 pts.
- Orcs and Orc Arrer Boyz updated to one single Orruks entry.
- Orruk Boarboys decreased to 18 pts.
- Savage Orruk Boarboys decreased to 18 pts.
- Orc Bully decreased to 25 pts.


- Grimwrath Berzerker decreased to 110 pts.
- Hearthguard Berzerkers increased to 15 pts.

- No changes!


- Flamespyre Phoenix points decreased to 335 pts.
- White Lion Chariot decreased to 80 pts.
- Flamespyre and Frostphoenix Anointed upgrade is decreased by 20 pts.
- Dragonlord War Horn decreased to 20 pts.
- Swifthawk Chariots decreased to 65 pts.
- Shadow Warriors decreased to initial cost 80 pts, and additional models 15 pts.
- Skywarden decreased to 115 pts.
- Skycutter decreased to 120 pts.
- Drakespawn Knights decreased to 28 pts.
- War Hydra decreased to 300 pts.
- Dark Riders decreased to 25 pts.
- Darkshards decreased to 13 pts for Regiments.
- Cauldron of Blood increased to 200 pts.
- Doomfire Warlocks initial cost increased to 170 pts, additional models decreased to 28 pts.
- Sisters of Slaughter decreased to 9 pts.
- Witch Elves decreased to 7 pts.
- Scourgerunner Chariot decreased to 75 pts.
- Branchwraith increased to 150 pts.
- Wild Riders decreased to 21 pts.

- Glade Guard decreased to 13 pts for Regiments.

Aelves Legacy
- Malekith decreased to 715 pts.
- High Elf Spearmen decreased to 9 pts for Regiments.
- Lothern Sea Guard decreased to 13 pts for Regiments.
- High Elf Archers decreased to 13 pts for Regiments.
- Ellyrian Reavers decreased to 31 pts.
- Durthu increased to 385 pts.
- Glade Riders decreased to 28 pts.

- Paladin increased to 85 pts.
- Damsel of the Lady decreased to 110 pts.
- Knights Errant decreased to 20 pts.
- Knights of the Realm decreased to 23 pts, and Gallant to 5 pts.
- Questing Knights decreased to 31 pts, and Paragon to 5 pts.
- Grail Knights decreased to 35 pts.
- Pegasus Knights decreased to 50 pts, and Gallant to 5 pts.
- Battle Pilgrims decreased to initial cost 25 pts, additional models 4 pts. Grail Reliquae increased to 40 pts.
- Peasant Bowmen increased to 8 pts.
- Mounted Yeomen initial size decreased to 1 model. The initial cost increased to 25 pts, additional models decreased to 20 pts.
- Field Trebuchet increased to 165 pts.

- Quarrellers decreased to 14 pts for Regiments.
- Thunderers decreased to 14 pts for Regiments.
- Gyrocopters decreased to 65 pts.
- Gyrobombers decreased to 80 pts.
- Slayers decreased to 7 pts.

- Empire Knights decreased to 22 pts / model and Hammers to +1 pt / model.
- Reiksguard Knights decreased to 21 pts / model.
- Freeguild General On Griffon decreased to 300 pts, the Lance increased to 15 pts and the Greathammer to 25 pts.

- Astrolith Bearer increased to 125 pts.
- Saurus Knights decreased to 24 pts / model. Alpha Knight to 5 pts, and Wardrum to 10 pts.
- Skink Handlers can now be bought in singles (10 pts), and 6 pts / model.
- Kroxigors decreased to 175 pts initial cost, and 58 pts / model.

- Celestant-Prime decreased to 520 pts.
- Lord-Castellant decreased to 120 pts.
- Lord-Celestant on Stardrake decreased to 630 pts.
- Drakesworn Templar decreased to 520 pts.
- Concussors decreased to 140 pts.
- Fulminators decreased to 135 pts.
- Desolators decreased to 110 pts up to 5, then 140 pts.
- Tempestors decreased to 125 pts.
- Knight-Heraldor increased to 100 pts.


  1. Well done and many thanks for the update! Keep up the good work! :)
    And now for the first question. In the Stormcast Eternals list where you mention the point costs for the battalion warscrolls there is a "Skyborne Slayers" Battalion for 350pts and there is also a "The Skyborne Slayers" Battalion for 300pts. Now I may be wrong but I think there is only one Skyborne Slayers Battalion. So if I'm right which of the two entries is the correct one?

    1. Mistake, it's still 350 pts! I have removed the wrong one and updated. Many thanks for the quick feedback on it! By the way, I have added you to the credits list of PPC. If you wish me to use another nickname (or remove it), please let me know :)

    2. Wow, I didn't notice... Thanks mate I am honoured and glad to be of help!! :)
      p.s. This nickname is just fine.

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