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Sunday, 29 May 2016

BattleScribe File Updated

Hey all!

The BattleScribe file has finally been updated to incorporate all the changes of the 2016.05 update!
Some army lists have also been updated, with new battalions and some typoes fixed that I noticed when working with the Battlescribe file.

These changes to army lists are listed below:

Updated Death list with the new Flesh-Eater Battalions. Thanks to NinthMusketeer at DakkaDakka for this!

Updated Aelves list because of some typos. The Bleaksword Regiment was incorrectly priced 170 pts instead of 140 pts.

Updated Duardin list due to Gyrobombers additional models incorrectly priced at 85 pts instead of 80 pts.

Updated Humans list because of some typoes. None of the typoes fixed affects any point costs!

Updated Terrain list with new Battalions. As usual thanks to NinthMusketeer for these battalion costs.

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