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Saturday, 9 April 2016

Grand Alliance: Order Update


I've managed to go through the Grand Alliance: Order warscrolls now, and added/reviewed the units that had their warscrolls updated with the book. Some units have had their point costs changed, so please review your army list again. Let me know if we missed any units!

For now, you can find all these updated and new warscrolls in the Legacy army lists (Wanderers in the Wood Elf list, Freeguilds in the Empire list and so on) and these lists have been updated to 2016.03b.

Once the next major PPC update hits (May 2016), we will change the format of most army lists to better reflect how the factions of Age of Sigmar has evolved since the "Legacy" armies were first published. For example, all Chaos units will be divided into their own factions (Nurgle, Khorne, Undivided and so on). Hopefully the Grand Alliance: Destruction will be released by then as well so we can have those lists updated as well.

Monstrous Arcanum will also be incorporated into the correct Grand Alliances by then!

As usual, find the lists on the PPC Comp & Lists page HERE!

Have a nice weekend everyone!


  1. Hi there, love your work. I was just wondering, will the battlescribe file be updated with the new battletome: order points costs in May with the major update?

    1. Cheers mate!
      Yes, it will be updated then. The reason I haven't bothered with it yet is because we will change the format of the army lists in v2016.05, so it would just be double work to add it before that :)

  2. Any idea when we will see the all the formations from order (mainly looking for waystone pathfinders)

    1. http://ageofwargamers.blogspot.se/2016/04/ga-order-battalions.html
      Right now :) But they will be in the lists for the May update.