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Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Monstrous Arcanum Points!

G'day everyone!

The Monstrous Arcanum from Forge World (link HERE!) has now had their units pointified! We have yet to decide if we should put this up as a seperate list on the PPC page, or if we should put each entry with their corresponding Grand Alliance (destruction, death etc.). What do you guys (and gals!) think?

Here are the goodies (any abilities that need a certain realm is always active):

175 pts

Bonegrinder Giant
310 pts

Carmine Dragon
560 pts

Colossal Squig
290 pts

Curs'd Ettin
210 pts

Dread Maw
470 pts

3 Fimir Warriors for  140 pts
- Additional Fimir Warriors cost +46 pts / model.
- Must have either Hand Weapons for free, or Mauls for +5 pts / model.
- Upgrade to 
  -- Banner Bearer for +15 pts
  -- Fimraich Noble (max. 1) for +10 pts
  -- Hunting Horns for +10 pts..

Incarnate Elemental of Beasts
355 pts

Incarnate Elemental of Fire
340 pts

Magma Dragon
900 pts

280 pts

385 pts

Squig Gobba
25 pts
(Did they forget something when they made this one - seems like rubbish!)

200 pts

Rogue Idol of Gork (or Possibly Mork)
450 pts

Brood Horror
125 pts

Skaven Warlord on Brood Horror
265 pts

3 Skin Wolves for 210 pts
Additional Skin Wolves cost +70 pts / model.

5 Wolf Rats for 90 pts
Additional Wolf Rats cost +18 pts / model.

Troll Hag
380 pts

Warpfire Dragon
220 pts


  1. I think the would be better in their own grand alliance. Order with order, chaos with chaos, etc.

  2. I hope they're added to battlescribe as well. That would be awesome

  3. hey where can we find the stats and abilities of each monster for Aos i got only the old version stats 7th-8th edition. also i suggest these monsters to be neutral so that everyone can use those goodies as mercenaries

    1. Hi! They are on Forge World's website, but I have updated this page with a link there. Check the top of this page for it :)

  4. Mournghul trollhag,merwyrm and the basilisk are too cheap Points! These Units have a amazing Skills!please control this.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Manuel!
      Could you please tell us alittle more why you feel they are too cheap?

  5. Mourngul has so few wounds though. Lots of shooting or standard attacks take it down or severely reduce its effectiveness. Not to mention mortal wounds such as flame cannons or kroak

  6. read Times the creatures you wars Croll detail by impressive of these . their skills are very strong and looks out the live points . Now these things compared to other " normal " units , which cost as much points .
    the comparison does not fit

  7. Hello! Awesome work so far m8 thank you for your hard work! I got 2 questions first it seems i cant find the stats and abilities of Curs'd Ettin nad the Idol of mork or gork but i can see there are point valeus for them and second question is about Squig Gobba. Man what is wrong with this model it cost almost 50 pounds and it is the lamest unit ever?? 25 poits really? and the abillities are just argggg! money not well spend :(

    1. Thanks mate! :)
      The Ettin is on page 7 in the document, and the Idol is on page 17. They should be there in your document as well :)
      Yeah, the Gobba...don't know what to say...they must have made a mistake or something as that is one of the lamest ever :/