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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

BattleScribe File Updated to v2016.03

Cheers all!

I've updated the BattleScribe file (finally!) to include all changes made in the latest update.


- Included Stormcast Extremis units, and added the Fyreslayers faction.

- Could not find a fix for making allied factions share the same force organisation. I think this will be possible in an upcoming update to the BattleScribe program but so far you have to manage the percentages manually for allies.

- Did not have time to include the new Khorne Gorechosen, or the Forgeworld Monstrous Arcanum. I am in the final works of calculating the points for these new additions but am not quite finished due to...well you know...life :)

- Certain units have had their names changed in the Grand Alliance books. I have not changed all these in the file, but will do that once GW has released all four Grand Alliance books.

- Battalions have not yet been added. Will do that once we have a few more of them and once we've received some more feedback on their cost values.

- While working in Battlescribe I noticed a typo in the Seraphon list. Skink Regiments were listed at 140pts (should be 120pts) and Horde was listed at 230pts (should be 200pts). This has been fixed and the Seraphon has now been updated to v2016.03c!

Find the BattleScribe File HERE!


  1. I might be missing something but I have run an import a couple of times in battlescribe and dwarf cannons and organ guns are both showing as 90pts. Thanks for all the work, my local group loves PPC.

    1. Hello mate, you haven't missed anything - I have :D
      The BattleScribe file has now been replaced with a fixed version, so if you would be so kind and download again it should be solved.
      Thank you for the praise, it's always appreciated! May I ask in what country you play?

    2. UK based, thanks again :)

    3. UK! I didn't think the PPC had any foothold at all on the island across the sea from Sweden :)
      Cheers for letting me know!

  2. Replies
    1. Cheers mate, hope you get good use out of it! Please let me know if you find anything wrongly costed in the file.