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Monday, 29 February 2016

AoS Battleplans 2 - Ghal Maraz

In this part, we take a look at the battleplans of the second campaign book for Age of Sigmar, and how to make them work better with the PPC Comp system when needed.

Always ignore the part of The Armies section that says "If one player has at least a third more models than their opponent, then...". Instead, always choose or roll off to determine each player's role in the battleplan.

The Cursed City (p. 37)
-No changes needed!

Death at the Dais (p. 49)
-Ignore the last part of the VICTORY section. Number of models does not matter.
-The Ambusher has +20% more pints to spend when creating his or her army list.

Spellbreakers (p. 77)
-No changes needed!

Out of the Mist (p. 95)
-No changes needed!

Battle Against Time (p. 117)
-No changes needed!

Kill the Beast (p. 139)
-No changes needed!

War of the Storms (p. 155)
-Heralds of the Storm: Purchase a unit of up to 100 pts. This unit does not have to follow the standard warscroll minimum size.

Cast Adrift (p. 175)
-No changes needed!

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