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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Hobby: Rebasing Empire and objective


Here's another hobby post - gotta have a few of them as well to keep my sanity :)

I've begun rebasing an Empire army I'll either play with or lend out to friends. So far I've rebased a small warband of about 500 pts, that will go to war against the Vampire Counts I've posted earlier (here). The bases are not yet finished, but here they are at this stage, along with an objective area:

The army list consists of:

Captain w. Pistol

3 Demigryph, incl. Preceptor

10 Handgunners, incl. Marksman

11 Swordsmen, incl. Sergeant

Warrior Priest
= 499pts as of Empire v0.5.

The Captain will be there to support both Handgunners and Swordsmen. The Warrior Priest will rush in with his Greathammer to finish anything off, while also buffing either the Demigryphs or the Swordsmen. The Demis are there to simply wreck face!

Charging Warrior Priest (Scibor miniatures)

Here is the first of our objective areas. This one's an abandoned mine, or perhaps a dried out well. Wherever it leads, its bound to contain either terror or treasure...or both. 

Objective area for Age of Sigmar (based on a DVD)

And here's few more pictures of the warband. The ruin with the Handgunners is from Ziterdes, a german terrain company.

Empire Captain with Sigmarite weapon and pistol:

Demigryph Knights


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