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Thursday, 6 August 2015

Vampire Counts v0.5 up!

Allright, the time has come for the Vampire Counts to recieve their place in the v0.5 league. In this version, we see changes to alot of the units, some have gone up and others have dropped. The great monsters have all been raised, but that has been the way of all army lists for v0.5 so far, so no big surprise there.

We also continue the new way of pricing infantry that gets better with higher numbers. You will find that large units of zombies or skeletons cost proportionally more than smaller units, as they benefit from some nasty bonuses in larger numbers. Remember that this is still a trial for the prices - and I would appreciate feedback after trying it out for a few games.

There have also been some changes in the costs of summoning spells, that I think will be slightly more appropriate.

Find all lists HERE!



  1. My friend and I will be testing this new version this weekend (he plays VC and I play Stomcast). I will give you some feedback after the weekend but imo the summon spell cost is to high, we will try to play it without cost but using your 4 summoning spells. For me, atm the problem with the summoning is that it's to easy to summon powerfull things, for example, why are you going to summon 10 skeleton with a 5+ if u can summon 3 crypt horrors with a 6+ (this guys with an strigoi ghoul king near are fucking op), so, i guess that using your spells the problem might be solved. Now to summon 3 crypt u need a 9... I will tell you, thank you btw for doing both updates :)

    1. Thanks for the input on summoning costs. I think we will need to adjust them many times to get them right.

  2. I have looked over a few armies and I generally like what you are doing. I have worked out a points system for my gaming group that is somewhat close but has some differences. You can find it here:

    Full user-friendly PDF posted:


    1. That's a really big effort you've made there. I have only glanced it so far, but with your permission (which I suppose I have since you posted here) I will go through it thoroughly when it's time for v0.6 of our army lists and check some relative costs.