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Monday, 17 August 2015

The Next Stages of the PPC


The update to v0.5 is halfway through now. This update focused mainly on the balance between units of infantry and cavalry. Other units/heroes/monsters/warmachines have had their cost increased or decreased as well during this update, but not with the same focus. Once v0.5 is complete, the next steps of the PPC will be:

* Tweaking Summoning Costs

* Balancing monsters for v0.6

* Creating Warscrolls for regular terrain.

* Balancing heroes for v0.7

* Balancing warmachines for v0.8

We love to get feedback, both of what you feel works well, but just as importantly what can become better. Remember, the PPC is made by the community, for the community!

You can either post on this blog as a comment, or visit our Dakkadakka forum threads.

Go HERE if you want to comment on the PPC Composition Pack, with anything that has to do with limitations and rules alterations of the PPC.

Go HERE if you want to leave feedback on unit point costs - is something too expensive or too cheap for what it does? Please let us know and tell us why!


  1. Curious about why the summoning of Dryads was left out of the wood elves PPC document?

    1. Hi Rush,
      If you mean the "Roused to Wrath" spell that Branchwraiths use, it hasn't been left out, but is included in the Branchwraith cost already. It's used exactly as written on the warscroll.
      Since only the Branchwraith can use that spell, there was no need to make it a "general summoning spell". If you meant something else, please let me know :)