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WarmaHordes for AoS

This is the place to find Age of Wargamer's custom warscrolls for Age of Sigmar.
This project began as an expansion for our own Project Points Cost system, but is now slowly being converted into the official GW Matched Play Points Cost system.

We are always happy for any feedback on unit rules and points!


Cygnar (Updated 13/11-2018)
Crucible Guard (Updated 4/4-2019)

PPC System Rules (compatible with Matched Play):



  1. I can see on these warscrolls that you've included some grand alliance. Would that suggest that you can freely mix each and every system into one army?

    Wouldn't that provide too much room for hyper combo?

  2. You can indeed mix and match within the alliance - freedom is a wonderful thing :)
    I don't think there'll be any problems with overpowered combos, as most combos work with more specific keywords than ORDER, CHAOS etc.

  3. I know that all will come in time but i think that first of all:
    -need more units diversity (im also thinking of solos)
    -faction's warjack character would be nice
    -this one is more of a personal taste but, would be nice to
    have the warcasters from apotheosis with a wound chart

    1. Definately something to consider! I think there are a few warjack characters in the Faction books, right? I will be adding all the units/warcasters/solos from the Warmachine faction books as soon as I can (after having finished Battlescribe and Monstrous Arcanum, Warmachine is soon hitting the top of the to-do list).
      After the Warmachine faction books I'm open to personal wishes, so the first on the wishlist can then be Apotheosis casters :)

  4. I'd like to see Circle Orboros get a foothold here, and if possible could you maybe add Warhammer 40,000 units sometime in the future?

    1. Hi,
      The circle will come for sure, but I think I'll let Mk3 hit before doing their list.

  5. Alternatively you could put points costs on these.

    1. Are you the author of these 40k scrolls?
      We've been toying for awhile with the idea of making warscrolls for 40k but it sure is a big undertaking! The scrolls you linked to looks like a very good start, and I wouldn't mind putting points to them if the author wants me to :)

  6. No, I am not the author of these scrolls. If I was, you probably would not like them as much :). I'm afraid I do not know the author either, so that may be off the table.

    1. I'm sure you would make some really nice warscrolls mate 😃
      I'll think some more on making 40k scrolls after Warmahordes are done...so many projects so little time 😃

  7. Hello! I am working to build a merc list for my AoS group
    It will be steel heads
    I am interested in:
    Stannis Brocker
    Rhupert Carvolo
    Magnus the traitor
    Croe's cutthroats
    Orin midwinter
    Taryn do la revising
    Harlan versh
    Drake macbain
    Sergeant Nicolas Verendry

    Thank you in advance

    1. Allright!
      The coming week will see Menoth abd Trollbloods updated, and then I can begin working on this list 😃

  8. Replies
    1. I've done about half of them now, just so you know I'm still on it. Right now the PPC Comp update takes up all my time, but after that is done I will finish this.
      There are a few units I don't have rules for, though, as I only have the Mercs Mk2 faction book.

  9. I can get you copies of the new cards if you like.

  10. Down load the app War Room 2, should have all the info you need ��

    1. I'm not that open to purchasing digital copies, I'm afraid. But I used Battlecollege to finish the list :)

  11. OMG! Love the mercy! So looking forward to the minions.

    1. So happy you like them! I really enjoyed making the rules for them too :)
      The minions will take some time, though, because other stuff is on the hobby pile right now.

  12. No worries, all I am interested in is the pig units.

  13. All I am interested in is the pig units. Big thank you sin advance.

  14. Is this project still active? I've got a few models I'd like to see you translate into AoS if and when you have the time. If not, could you explain how you did the conversions?
    -Dozer & Smigg (Trollbloods)
    -Captain Gunnbjorn (Trollbloods)
    -Pyg Bushwhacker Officer & Mortar (Trollbloods)
    -Pummeler Crew (Trollbloods)
    -Thumper Crew (Trollbloods)
    -Scattergunners (Trollbloods)
    -War Wagon (Trollbloods)
    -Colonel "Siege" Brisbane (Cygnar)
    -Commander Anson Hitch (Cygnar)
    -Trencher Combat Engineers (Cygnar)
    -Trencher Commando Officer (Cygnar)
    -Trencher Express Team (Cygnar)
    -Trencher Long Gunners (Cygnar)
    -Captain Jonas Murdoch (Cygnar)
    -Commander Anson Hitch (Cygnar)
    -Trench Buster (Cygnar)
    -Trencher Patrol Dog (Cygnar)
    -Trencher Warcaster Lieutenant (Cygnar)
    -Trencher Blockhouse (Cygnar)
    -Rocketmen (Crucible)
    -Storm Troopers (Crucible)
    -Assault Troopers (Crucible)
    -Railless Interceptor (Crucible)

    1. It will be fun to make these units for you!
      I'll start this weekend and begin with the Cygnar ones.

    2. I've been meaning to make a rather big update to the Cygnar list and bring the points values in line with the Generals Handbook (as opposed to my PPC system that they use currently), so I'll go ahead and do this as well for the update.

    3. Thanks a lot, man! I really appreciate that, and I look forward to trying them out on the tabletop.

    4. Just to give you a heads up; Ive pretty much finished the first draft of rules for Cygnar. Next step is to create the actual warscrolls, and then to calculate their pts cost.

    5. There's no rush. I know good things come to those who wait, and I need to get said units painted up before I can use them in any games.

    6. Status Update again :)
      All scrolls probably done in the new style by the end of this weekend.
      Hopefully also the point costs GHB-style, but that work might take another week.

    7. Cygnar Remake uploaded! :)

    8. The Cygnar Battletome is awesome! I'm happy to see it turned out so well. Will I be seeing the scrolls for Siege2 and Triumph soon? I can't wait to see how the others all turn out, though I don't want to rush you.

    9. Ah yes, S2 and Triumph will be added shortly!
      After that I'll make some Shadespire-related stuff and then Crucible Guard 😊

    10. Awesome! I can't wait to see what you've got planned!

  15. Do you plan on continuing your work on the Crucible Guard and updated Trollbloods battletomes? If you have other things going on that take priority, I understand, I just wanted to ask.

    1. Ah, I thought you were no longer interested (which is common and understandable around fan based stuff) :)

      If you're still interested I will definately continue - I already have a few Crucibles more or less ready.

    2. Nah, this is way too cool of a project to give up on. I just wasn't sure if you were still working on it.

    3. Allright, the Crucibles are up for play-test.
      If you do play with any of these rules, feel very free to criticize and comment them - that way the rules and points will get ever better :)

    4. These are AWESOME! I especially love the Railless; it's just as brutal in AoS as it is in WarmaHordes. I haven't had a lot of opportunities to playtest, but I'll try and see what feedback I can provide. Out of curiosity, would you be able to share your process? I have a homebrewed unit for Cygnar I'd like to try out.

    5. Glad you like 'em!
      Well, my process is simply to try converting the Warmahordes rules into AoS as closely but also as simply as possible.

      As for the points costs, back in the days when my PPC comp was being used it was just a matter of putting all stats into a calc and out came the point costs for them.
      Now I instead compare each unit's damage output and abilities to other units to try and pinpoint their value. I haven't had the energy to alter my PPC points calc to perfectly reflect the Matched Play anymore. :)

      If you have some units you'd like me to take a look at, and even put into the existing project (credit you of course) I'm very open! Can't promise I don't make any changes to a scroll to fit the "whole" though :)

  16. You can try this if you'd like. These are the Trencher Ironsides, and are my pet project as well as an attempt to combine the Capitol Heavy Infantry from Warzone and Federated Armored Infantry from Dystopian Legions into a single unit for Cygnar. You're welcome to do what you will with this, as long as you credit me.

    Unit Composition: 1 Leader, 5-9 Grunts, 1 Command Attachment
    Cost: 11/18 points, 6 points (CA)
    Field Allotment: 2
    Stats (Base): SPD-5, STR-7, MAT-6, RAT-6, DEF-12, ARM-16, CMD-7, HP-1
    Stats (Officer): SPD-5, STR-7, MAT-7, RAT-6, DEF-12, ARM-16, CMD-9, HP-5
    Weapons (Base):
    -Heavy Rifle: RNG-11, ROF-1, POW-13
    -Bayonet: RNG-1, POW-3, P+S-10
    -Brutal Charge
    Weapons (Gunner)
    -Siege Gun: RNG-11, ROF-1
    -Attack Type: Anti-Armor (POW-16) or Anti-Infantry (AOE-3, POW-12)
    -Trench Knife
    -Brutal Charge
    Weapons (Officer):
    -Trench Sword: RNG-1, POW-3, P+S-10
    -Brutal Charge
    -Hand Cannon: RNG-12, ROF-1, POW-12
    Special Rules (All):
    -Alchemical Mask
    -Fallaway Power Slam:When free striking a model attempting to leave melee, this model may choose to perform a POW-7 attack that inflicts Knockdown.
    -Set Defense
    Special Rules (Officer):
    -Adrenal Shot (Minifeat): Models in this unit gain +1 ARM and can make an additional ranged or melee attack. At the end of its activation, affected models take an unboostable POW-8 damage roll. This action cannot be used on the first turn.
    -Granted: No Sleeping on the Job