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This is the place to go to for all Age of Wargamer's battleplans, as well as PPC modifications to the official Age of Sigmar ones found throughout the campaign and army books.

Since the release of the GHB and its Matched Play, we have modified our battleplans to follow the same style as the ones found in the GHB. Some of our older battleplans were quite similar to the ones released by Games Workshop - so we decided to not update those.

Hold the Line
One player is the attacker, the other defends. Three objectives to claim - control them all to win immediately!

Schemes of War
Claim objectives, kill enemies, and achieve your random side missions - there are lots of action going on in this battleplan!

The Hunt
Chase your enemies' heroes and monsters for maximum gain in this mission. But beware, those you hunt can ruin your chance of winning if you don't deal with them properly!

Clash in the Mist
Your forces are lost in the magic mist of this ancient battlefield. Will they appear when needed, or stay lost in the fog for too long to make a difference? Claim the middle objective for lots of victory points, but beware of its dangers!

Should anyone be interested in using the older battleplans, we provide them here for you.
Schemes of War
The Hunt
Clash in the Mist
Battle Royale

This is a list of changes we feel is good to make when playing the official Games Workshop battleplans with the PPC Comp.

Campaign Book 1 - Age of Sigmar
Campaign Book 2 - Ghal Maraz
Campaign Book 3 - The Balance of Power


  1. Greetings. I would like to give some feedback for the "Schemes of War" Battleplan. We recently had a big tourney and used this battleplan for the third round of battles. The flaw I discovered (and exploited) was the part:

    "At the end of the second battle round, and at
    the end of each battle round thereafter, you gain +1 VP for each unit completely within 6” of the enemy board edge."

    There was no limitations for using units that can "teleport" for this part so I used one of the Stormcast Eternals formations to "deepstrike" in my enemy's board edge and easily beat him by turn 3. Granted my opponent made the mistake of castling his army on one side of his deployment zone, but again I had an unfair advantage as all players with similar armies will have in the future. Personally I would suggest that this way of scoring victory points be removed from this battleplan or be ammended in some way so it can be more balanced.

    Cheers, Sieg. :)

    1. Hi,
      That's definately worth looking into, and will probably be removed (especially since there are so many other things going on anyway so it's not really needed in the battleplan)!

      Can you provide alittle more details on this? How many points did you play with, and did you teleport in 8 units on turn 1, and had them stand there turn 2 and 3 to win?

      When we made this battleplan, our thinking was that if you spend alot of points trying to hold your opponents table edge (you need 8 units teleporting there turn 1 and just standing there 2 + 3), there's not much stopping your opponent from owning the middle objectives and score from your table edge as well. I guess we were wrong :)

  2. We played at 2500pts. He had first turn adn moved ahead to claim some of the midde objectives. I didn't do anything in my first turn. Then I won the roll for the second turn and had him play again first. He moved some more and scored 2 of the objective zones. I then teleported 9 of my units, used my Knight Vexillor's teleportation to teleport a unit that was deployed as normal on the table to score the escort side objective and got one of the midde objective zones (the furtherst from my opponent) and so managed by the end of Battleround 2 to score 15 victory points or something making my opponent really sad in the process...

    Now I firmly believe that he could have made the whole situation more dificult for me should he have played it smarter and spread his units so he could deny me my deepstrike madness but again I believe that in the end I would have won (perhaps not 27-9) the game as I would pick a side and apply my full force on it.

    1. Ah ok. Hm I think this one might be from bad wording on our part. Here is what is written in the comp document:

      "A unit that retreated or was deployed/re-deployed on the table during the current battleround, cannot hold an objective until the next battle round."

      This is not clear, but it also means the zone within 6" of the table edge. So in your case, you would not have been able to score any points that round at all, not from the ones deploying from reserves with the battalion, and not from the ones re-deploying from teleporting with the Escort. You would have had to wait one more turn for any victory points at all.

      I don't know if this would have meant any difference in your game - what do you think? In either case I need to re-write that section of the comp document to make it more clear! But with this in mind, do you still think it is neccessary to remove that way of scoring VP:s from Schemes of War?

      Thanks very much for bringing this to our attention!

    2. I could have just as easily dropped in the first round and the only difference would be that my opponent may have been able to make a charge on turn 3 but otherwise I believe it would not make any difference. I just maintained the illusion one turn. I would have scored the exact same 15 points (the escort was teleported in the first turn as there was a restriction for them in the description) by the end of second battle round. The only difference would be in the 3rd round and I highly doubt that he would be able to wipe more than one of my units...

    3. Sorry for the late reply mate!

      I wonder, instead of removing the rule alltogheter, would it be better to make it so that you must be within 6" of the board edge and there must not be any enemy units within 6" of you to score 1 VP? That would make it easier to counter any teleporting units without having to wipe them out. What is your opinion on this suggestion?

      Either way, we will make a change to the Escort rule so you can't have it re-deployed during the game without losing the escortee.

  3. Hi there, is it ok to use/ borrow these for a small local event that im running (link to this page will be in the pack)