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Tuesday, 31 October 2017

PPC Update v.2017.10 Delayed


You know how the next PPC update to Age of Sigmar was supposed to hit today?

Well...a small gem called Shadespire arrived in the mail today, so we've spent the evening playing it instead. Sorry, but what can we do...it's such a great game and every match so far has been extremely close, almost down to the final activations of the final round. So cool!

Anyways, will try my best to finish the PPC update in the next few days!


Monday, 23 October 2017

Shadespire PPC Points


A short update to let you know that Steelheart's Champions weighs in at 100pts and Garrek's Reavers at 40 pts.

They will be in the upcoming v2017.10 update.