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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

New Years Resolution 2017 - June


Another month gone by, more miniatures painted. This month was slower than usual, mainly due to lots of gaming using up my hobby time :)

If I hadn't sold off some unbuilt Bolt Action Russians and some Khorne models, June would have ended up with more new models than finished ones, thanks to the two excellent games Dark Imperium and Dark Souls.

Anyways, here are the June finished models:

A cool Russian KV-2 Gigant tank for use with Dust 1947.

The final three heroes for Silver Tower.

The last of the Silver Tower bad guys as well.

A squad of 40k Death Korps of Krieg. Awesome models!

A Warzone Resurrection Strike Skimmer

2017 RESOLUTION - June

Finished small miniatures: 24 + 51 (sold) = 75
Finished large miniatures: 3 + 2 (sold) = 5

New Miniatures: 46 small + 7 large

Unfinished small miniatures: 547- 75+ 46 = 518!
Unfinished large miniatures: 34 - 5 + 7= 36!


  1. Please continue making the great Dust 1947 Battle report on YouTube! :)

    1. Thanks, mate! When vacation is over, another batrep will be made 👍