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Sunday, 18 June 2017

Unboxing: This War of Mine - The Boardgame


I couldn't resist taking a few photos as I opened the next Kickstarter project to arrive at my door step: This War of Mine by Awaken Realms. It will not be getting a review as it's not a typical dungeon crawler or wargame (altough it is very much about war in its most horrible shape).

By the way, a new phone with a much better camera is on its way, so we're hopefully soon done with the bad photos of late...

First off, the box it all came in had a nice logo on it - no mistake of what's inside here!

Inside was a letter to all backers, as well as the main game box and the stretch goals for the campaign. It's nice to actually get the stretch-goals together with the main game and not have to wait for it in second waves as is so common :)

To avoid spoilers of the stretch goals, we'll start with the main game box.

It's packed in a typical game board-sized box, and feels nice and heavy in hand!

Once opened, you'll immediately be drawn to the black and thick "Book of Scripts" This is where the story of the game will unfold, as you read sections when told so by encounter cards and other sources.

Then there's a double-sided sheet, that I suspect without having read much about it, is two scenarios to start your "adventure" off for each game to add some variety.

Not many board games comes without any tokens, and This War of Mine is no exception. Three sheets full of them, in fact. Many of them show the nature of this game well with status effects such as misery, hunger, and illness. This is not a happy game!

Thanks to a kickstarter stretch-goal, you also get a double sided map, that will also be included in the retail version of the game as well. The drawings on it are dark and sets the mood right for a game such as this.

The other side of the board shows a smaller shelter, supposedly adding some difficulty to the game if you choose to play on that side instead of the main side shown above.

There's a nice insert to hold all the dice, miniatures, and cards in the game. I don't know yet how well all tokens will fit, but I hope Awaken Realms thought about that too - and there's an empty slot in the tray...

And finally, there are twelve miniatures in the box, that you can play as and I suppose will encounter during the game. It might not show due to my bad mobile camera, but the expressions on their faces are quite good - they really seem show the pain and angst of being a civilian trapped inside a war zone...

On to the kickstarter stretch goals! This might contain spoilers if you are a backer still waiting for your game.

Awaken Realms even shipped a small broschure showing off and explaining all the stretch goals included - even some that we as backers did not know we would get! That's awesome!

Most of these stretch goals adds more layers to the base game - more places to explore, new encounters, and even a tactical mode for doing night raids!

Tactical map for night raids

Custom dice that came as a backer surprise!

The stretch goals pack also included characters, some playable and some enemies for the tactical raid mode. As you can hopefully see, these also came with grim but suitable face expressions.

We also got something awesome that will find its way to our Warhammer 40k table as well, a winged angel statue, along with its expansion rules!

And finally, a surprise promo for Awaken Realm's new Kickstarter Lords of Hellas.  It even came in a neat little package and was pre-shaded black/white. Thanks for that one, can't have too many miniatures, after all! :)

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