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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Unboxing: Dark Souls - The Boardgame


I've been eagerly awaiting this one for some time now - my wave 1 kickstarter box of Dark Souls the Boardgame! Living in the (appearantly) far away land of Sweden had me waiting alot longer than folks in the UK, so I've tried my best not to read unboxings and reviews in an attempt to avoid any spoilers.

This is a big and heavy box! Even taller than the likes of Zombicide and Boodrage. Wow!

As soon as the lid is opened, you get the first warning - this looks to be a hard game to win...

Inside, the box is packed to the rim with cards and boxes. The cards had the UK symbol on top of the deck, but it's just one card that's not used in the game. I suppose this was just to make it easier for the people packing the game.

You get a rulebook of about 40 pages, that includes the basic rules of the game, a short introductory text, as well as additional rules to play the missions as a campaign. I look forward to playing the campaign and write a review on it later.

Then there are the four character sheets (the game is played with up to four players), and these ones are very large as seen compared to my hand below. Besides the four character sheets, you also get plenty of tokens for the game. Some of them are in the same sheet as the character sheet, and then there's one more, containing only tokens.

The game's nine floor tiles are double-sided and look really good. They have chosen a matte colour compared to games like Shadows over Hammerhal and Zombicide. Each tile has one large room, full of circles that I believe show how the heroes and monsters can move during the game.

And then, there are the miniatures! 27 of them to be exact, ranging from "small" minions to the larger boss-type ones.

First up, the biggies! These guys are large, even larger than they looked at the pictures I've seen of them. They are made of some kind of semi-flexible plastic, and feels almost like some of the action figures of my youth, such as He-Man figures. If that's a good or bad thing I'll leave up to you. The Dancer himself didn't come attached to its base. I suppose it has been slightly damaged in the packing, but will be easily fixed with some superglue.

Here are some scale comparisons with other large miniatures, so you can see just how big they are!

Warmachine Ironclad
Lord of the Rings Balrog

Kings of War Greathorn and a Warhammer Crypt Haunter

Then we have the smaller monsters, although as you can see when comparing them to Warhammer Skeleton Warriors in the last picture below, they aren't really that small at all!

Warhammer Skeleton Warriors

Here are some more of the larger monsters, behind the Warrior hero:

There are four heroes included in the base game box: the Herald, the Assassin, the Warrior and the Knight:

The detail of the heroes is really good - just look at the helmet of the Warrior and shield of Knight:

One thing that bothered me though, was that the base sizes of the heroes are different! Why, oh why! :)

And finally a scale comparison of the heroes next to Warmachine's Captain Stryker and Reaper's Duke Gerard:

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