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Monday, 5 June 2017

New Years Resolution 2017 - May

Hey all!

During May I decided to start working on my Silver Tower miniatures, to get them fully painted by the end of June.

Since my gaming group has begun a Dungeons & Dragons campaign, I've also painted up some more of my Zombicide kickstarter minis to use as heroes in D&D.

Finally, I've also painted my Tamiya 1:48 WW2 tanks, the M-10 Wolverine and the Königstiger for use with Dust 1947 games. These two tanks were shown unpainted in the April update, but here they are again, more dirty than ever :)

I also sold off a large portion of my Free Guild army for Age of Sigmar to focus on my Death forces, as well as multiple expansions for Zombicide that'll never see use anyway. Unfortunately, I couldn't resist but buying the Cygnar Stormblade Unit Attachement and Arlan Strangeways for Warmachine, and the Bauhaus PL-66 Strike Skimmer for Warzone Resurrection.

I gotta speed up my painting more, though, as it's soon time for Dark Souls, Massive Darkness and Dark Imperium to arrive. It seems Darkness is the theme of 2017!


Finished small miniatures: 41 + 88 (sold) = 129
Finished large miniatures: 2 + 1 (sold)

New Miniatures: 3 small + 1 large

Unfinished small miniatures: 673 - 129 + 3 = 547!
Unfinished large miniatures: 36 - 3 + 1= 34!

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