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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Zombicide Black Plague Abominations

To celebrate that I get a new phone with a much better camera soon, here are some last crappy pictures of my Abomination monsters for Zombicide Black Plague :)

Monday, 26 June 2017

AoS: Small PPC Update


As noted earlier, the Legion of Azgorh, Khorne, and Stormcast lists have been updated with a few additions and tweaks.

All PPC army lists can be found HERE as usual!


Monday, 19 June 2017

Unboxing: Warhammer 40k - Dark Imperium

It's been a busy few days, with games dropping in from all over, and today was no exception as the newest starter set for Warhammer 40k arrived. I've not been this excited since the Age Sigmar release!

So, what do we get in this beatiful and very heavy box?

Immidiately from the start, it is clear that GW means business with this set. The cover slids open to reveal a nice grimdark two-faced marine staring at you, obviously symbolizing the opposing forces inside.

In this set, GW did an even better way of keeping the miniatures and other stuff apart, as all the sprues containing the miniatures comes in a box of their own. It even comes sealed properly! :)

Beneath the box of miniatures is the hardcover rulebook. Those of you who've read my Xilos Horizon review knows that I believe getting a full rulebook in a starter set is very genereous, which is a word I wouldn't have used for GW up until recently.

Then there are the usual dice and stuff - only that they too are not the usual small white dice and plastic ruler that you can't see any markings on. This time there are larger, more exclusive dice, and a really nice flexible, clear plastic, ruler as well.

Along with the full rulebook, you also get the basic rules in a leaflet of eight pages - twice the amount of pages compared to Age of Sigmar for all them naysayers of that game's early days ;)

Finally, there are also two small books containing the info of both forces included in the starter set, as well as how to assemble them (in colour, no less!) - and how to paint them.

I truly cannot wait to get my first game in tomorrow - and I will definitely write a review of this game and hope it will be as good as I hope it is. It already has a few of my group's older players coming back, which is a good sign in itself!

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Unboxing: This War of Mine - The Boardgame


I couldn't resist taking a few photos as I opened the next Kickstarter project to arrive at my door step: This War of Mine by Awaken Realms. It will not be getting a review as it's not a typical dungeon crawler or wargame (altough it is very much about war in its most horrible shape).

By the way, a new phone with a much better camera is on its way, so we're hopefully soon done with the bad photos of late...

Saturday, 17 June 2017

AoS: New units and K'daai Fireborn


There will be an update soon to the Khorne, Azgorh, and Stormcast Eternals army lists, to include the newest additions of Vandus Hammerhand and Korghos Khul, and a change to the points of K'daai Fireborn.

Let me know about these new values, and I'll make the update in a few days.

3 K’daai Fireborn
120 pts
May include up to 9 additional K’daai Fireborn for +30
   pts / model.

Vandus Hammerhand
270 pts

Korghos Khul
200 pts

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Unboxing: Dark Souls - The Boardgame


I've been eagerly awaiting this one for some time now - my wave 1 kickstarter box of Dark Souls the Boardgame! Living in the (appearantly) far away land of Sweden had me waiting alot longer than folks in the UK, so I've tried my best not to read unboxings and reviews in an attempt to avoid any spoilers.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Review: Beyond the Gates of Antares - The Xilos Horizon


Quite possibly the miniatures game with the longest name I've ever encountered, Beyond the Gates of Antares: The Xilos Horizon, is Warlord Games’ major starter set for its 28mm Sci-Fi game of the same name. It retails for around £65 and pits the humans of the PanHuman Concord against the aliens of the hateful Ghar Empire. The game uses 10-sided dice for its mechanics, and shares many similarities with it’s WW2-era sibling Bolt Action.

Monday, 5 June 2017

New Years Resolution 2017 - May

Hey all!

During May I decided to start working on my Silver Tower miniatures, to get them fully painted by the end of June.

Saturday, 3 June 2017

AoS: PPC Updated to v2017.06!

Hey all!

You can now find the newest version (v2017.06) of the PPC army lists and Comp Document HERE.

Unfortunately, the text file oontaining the list of changes for v2017.06 was lost - that'll teach me to always keep the list on my Google Drive in the future...

As always, special thanks goes out to NinthMusketeer for all his hard work and suggestions!