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Monday, 15 May 2017

Monday, 8 May 2017

Review: Zombicide - Black Plague


Zombicide - Black Plague is a co-operative tactical combat boardgame by Guillotine Game. It is designed for 1-6 players and, as the name suggests, features lots of zombies and the killing of them in droves!

It retails for around £85 and has plenty of miniatures and other stuff in the box.
Zombicide has an older sibling with which is shares many of its rules, but Black Plague changes the setting from a contemporary modern age to a medieval/fantasy one.

The Game Box!


The opening text of the rule- and questbook really says it all. Zombicide is set in a grim medieval world, where hardships are endured every day. When Zombies, summoned by the evil necromancers in an attempt to conquer the land, come biting and ripping from out of the woods it is up to a group of survivors to fight back.

Death, injustice, plague, and war are common things these days,
but nothing really prepared us for... Zombies!

That pretty much sums it up. Zombicide is alot less about story and alot more about action. Each quest does provide a short description of why the survivors are there and what they are supposed to do, but it is easily skipped by those who are simply looking for the action of the game and doesn't really bring the game's background story to life.

Game Components & Build Quality

In the core set, you get 71 detailed, unpainted, plastic miniatures:

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

New Years Resolution 2017 - April

Time to show what has been done this month!

For starters, I managed to get my hands on a painted copy of the Betrayal at Calth boardgame, by Games Workshop. Although I found out the models were not legally equipped by the game's rules, it still took far less time for me to convert them right than it would to have built and painted them all from scratch. All I had to do was to swap a few marine parts out, and paint the new pieces up with approximately the same colours as was used by the original painter. I also made a few more highlights here and there - and put som blue glow on the Ultramarines plasma weapons.

This meant I could then sell my other copy of Calth, and count all these models towards my Resolution goal. Yay!

Word Bearers


Next up was another Cybertronic model for Warzone Resurrection. This one's called a Scorpion, and it ambushes unfortunate enemies by burrowing into the desert sands weeks or even months in advance, only unburrowing at the exact moment the enemy comes close enough.
Cybertronic Scorpion

Speaking of deserts, here are some Dust 1947 USMC soldiers. I converted this Command Squad from a simple Rifle Squad and some extra 40k and Bolt Action bits. Turned out to be simple but nice. The tank in the rear is an M10 Wolverine that I assembled during April but will paint in May.

Dust 1947 USMC

I also built a german Königstiger (King Tiger) for the same game, but didn't get to paint it. Here's how it looks so far, though. It's quite massive for a realistic WW2 tank!

One of the most fearsome tanks of WW2, the King Tiger!

Last. but not least, meet Brogg. He's a stand-in Khorgorath for Age of Sigmar, raised and bred by Bloodstokers, he's mind is so twisted by torture and blood rites that he believes himself to be a Khorgorath.

I've also sold off alot of other unpainted stuff, including 40k/Sigmar daemons and lots of Kings of War/War of the Roses minis that I haven't used in years..


Finished small miniatures: 42 + 126 (sold) = 168
Finished large miniatures: 3

New Miniatures: 0 (phew!)

Unfinished small miniatures: 841 - 168 = 673!
Unfinished large miniatures: 39 - 3 = 36!