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Saturday, 18 February 2017

AoS: Slambo and Stormcasts


Here are the calculated points for some new Age of Sigmar releases:

60 pts

3 Vanguard-Palladors
210 pts
May include up to 9 additional Vanguard-Hunters
   for +22 pts / model.
• The unit must be equipped with one of the following:
        - Boltstorm Pistol & Shock Handaxe for free.
        - Boltstorm Pistol & Starstrike Javelin for
          +5 pts / model.
• The unit may be upgraded with a Pallador-Prime for
   +10 pts.
210 pts

Saturday, 11 February 2017

AoS: Vanguard-Hunters PPC Cost


The new Age of Sigmar Vanguard-Hunters have been calculated for PPC:

5 Vanguard-Hunters
110 pts
May include up to 15 additional Vanguard-Hunters
   for +22 pts / model.
• The unit must be equipped with one of the following for
        - Boltstorm Pistol & Shock Handaxe.
        - Boltstorm Pistol & Storm Sabre.
• 1 in every 5 models may be equipped with an Astral
    Compass for +20 pts.
• The unit may be upgraded with a Hunter-Prime for
   +5 pts.


Once the new Stormcast models are released, we will update their army list to v.2017b and include then all there.

Monday, 6 February 2017

New Years Resolution 2017 - January


Time to show the start of my New Years Resolution for 2017!

After taking some photos (check them out here) and counting all my unfinished miniatures, it's obvious that it will be a struggle to finish them all before purchasing anything new.

This year I have 960 small-sized miniatures and 45 large ones to finish, with another few hundreds already on its way!

As we all know, time just flies - hobby time especially so! Here's what I managed to paint to tabletop standard in January (more pics below):

Death is coming!

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

AoS: PPC Updated to v2017.02!

Hey all!

It's time for an update of our PPC comp system for Age of Sigmar. This version (2017.02) sees some minor adjustments to most lists, as well as decreased cost for most unique heroes with good command abilities. The reasoning behind this is that you lose some excellent command traits if you take them. Check the new lists out HERE.

See below for all changes this time around: