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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

AoS: New Battalion Points


Good old Ninthmusketeer has worked out some points for some missing battalions (and a few tweaks). Thanks Ninth!

These will be in the newest PPC version when it's done, but here they are so you can use them until then.

If you wish to discuss these things, and anything about the PPC Comp in general, please visit our Dakkadakka forum thread HERE!

Stormcast - Sigmar's Vengeance (75 pts)
Sylvaneth - Darkroot Wargrove (Free)

Pestilens - Squal's Pestilent Congregation (100 pts)
Undivided - Sylath's Warhos (125 pts)
Khorne - Slaughterstorm (100 pts)

Death - Arkhan's Skeleton Guard (50 pts)
Death - Spirits of Fellblood (125 pts)

Orruks - Da Warstompers (100 pts)
Orruks - Thunderfist (125 pts)

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