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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Warmachine for AoS - Menoth list v2016.05c

Here's another Menoth update for you Warmachine-people who also play Age of Sigmar! :)

Check them out HERE!

The Harbinger of Menoth - A Wizard that casts three spells, heals, and turns off enemy spells in effect...good stuff! Oh, did I mention she has 8 wounds?

Daughters of the Flame - Fast but lightly armoured close combat unit that deals damage no matter the enemies save.

Deliverer Sunburst - Menoth artillery that strikes out from 24" away.

Monolith Bearer (Zealot Attachment) - This little add-on will make your Zealots that much tougher to take down.

Temple Flameguard Officer & Standard (Flameguard Attachment) - Add these ones to your Temple Flameguards to make them slightly more durable, and your enemies less so in the battleshock phase.

The Covenant of Menoth - Holy book that gives out bonuses to nearby friendly units and keeps enemy wizards from casting their spells.

Hierophant - Keep him close to your warcaster for some nice bonuses. Combine it with the Harbinger of Menoth for lots of healing...

No Warjacks this time...

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