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Monday, 2 May 2016

Upcoming Organization of Army Lists

Good Evening!

It's getting really close to PPC update time! I won't make it for this weekend due to holidays, but next week is my own deadline for it.

I have already written that we will take this time to review the army lists. Almost one year has gone by and we are beginning to see new factions gather in Age of Sigmar. We feel that we can no longer keep the old army lists, but don't want to make four huge Grand Alliance lists either.

We propose the following system. It is not set in stone yet, so any comments are welcome! Remember that this is to easier accomodate future releases!

Chaos Undivided
- Everchosen
- Slaves to Darkness

Forces of Khorne
- Khorne Bloodbound
- Daemons of Khorne

Forces of Nurgle
- Nurgle Rotbringers
- Daemons of Nurgle

Forces of Tzeentch
- Tzeentch Arcanites
- Daemons of Tzeentch

Forces of Slaanesh
- Hosts of Slaanesh
- Daemons of Slaanesh

All things Skaven, even Pestilens and Monstrous Arcanum units.

Legion of Azgorh

Tamurkhan's Horde
At first we divided this list into the Undivided for non-nurgle units and Forces of Nurgle for the rest, but then decided it would just complicate things.

Herds & Monsters
- Warherds
- Brayherds
- Chaos Monsters
Some of the former Beastmen are in the monsters category, others are in the Warherds/Brayherds. We decided to keep them all in this list alongside all the Chaos Monsters, including the Forgeworld ones.


Tomb Kings

All units in the Grand Alliance: Death book, as well as the Vampire Counts Legacy units.


Monstrous Arcanum
Since most of the units in the Monstrous Arcanum list was for the Destruction alliance, it makes sense to have their own list here.

Orruks & Grots
- Greenskinz
- Bonesplitterz
- Ironjaws
- Gitmob Grots
- Moonclan Grots
- Spiderfang Grots
- Troggoths & Gargants
- Orcs & Goblins Legacy Units

- Gutbusters
- Firebellies
- Maneaters
- Beastclaw Riders
- Ogre Kingdoms Legacy Units


- Eldritch Council
- Phoenix Temple
- Lion Rangers
- Order Draconis
- Swifthawk Agents
- Order Serpentis
- Shadowblades
- Darkling Covens
- Daughters of Khaine
- Scourge Privateers
- Sylvaneth
- Wanderers

Aelves Legacy
- Dark Elf Legacy Units
- High Elf Legacy Units
- Wood Elf Legacy Units
The Aelves list would simply be too big to have all these units in that list.


- Dispossessed
- Ironweld Arsenal (the Duardin ones)
- Dwarfs Legacy Units

- Devoted of Sigmar
- Free Peoples
- Collegiate Arcane
- Ironweld Arsenal (the human ones)
- Empire Legacy Units


- Stormcast Eternals
- Stormcast Extremis




  1. I think it's looking nice. My only suggestion is regarding the PDF who will have both legacy and current units. In my opinion it would be best for the legacy units to be in teh bottom with a title to seperate them so that any guys who would like to just play with Grand Alliances books material only can have them clearly seperated. :)

    1. That's exactly how they will be :) First each of the new sub-factions (Ironjaws, Greenskinz etc) and then the Legacy Units.