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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Battleplan - Schemes of War

We have decided to change our Schemes of War battleplan slightly:

* You will now only gain +1 victory points / turn for being within 6" of the enemy table edge, no matter how many units you have that close to the edge. We have decided to make this change because certain abilities and battalions can let a large portion of your force deploy or re-deploy there instantly. That could be abused to quickly gain lots of victory points, which was not taken into account when this scenario was designed (before we introduced Battalions to the PPC).
We did not want to remove this entirely, because it's good to have a way for units to contribute even if they find themselves way off for some reason.

* The Escort scheme has been changed so you can no longer re-deploy the Escort unit during the game without losing the mission. It came to our attention that you could have a unit with a re-deployment ability (Chameleon Skinks/Stormcast with the Pennant) stand back, and then instantly teleport to the enemy table edge to gain the victory points.

Thanks goes out to Siegfried VII for this.

Get the updated battleplan HERE.

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