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Thursday, 7 April 2016

High Cost Monsters/Heroes

I sometimes get the question why the PPC system often puts a higher points cost to monsters and monstrous heroes compared to many other comp systems. I think this topic deserves some of our thoughts on the matter, so here goes:

In the PPC Comp battleplans, and in most of the Age of Sigmar original battleplans, there really is no difference between say an infantry unit and a monster or a hero. They can all claim objectives, and they are worth the same amount of victory points when killed (equal kill points for equal PPC points cost). In many other comp systems, heroes and monsters can not claim objectives by themselves, and are only there to support other units or as a pure damage output source.

With the ability to do support and damage, AND claim objectives, the point cost will often be higher in the PPC. The bad part of this is of course that you will be limiting your force by taking high cost monsters, but the good part is that you can get the most out of it; Fight your way to an objective with your tough monster and then watch your enemy have a hard time claiming it. With a big monster base you can pretty much even cover the whole objective, and you will be immune to battleshock as well!

This is the general answer to a general question. But more specifically, an individual monster/hero may well be overcosted. This is where we rely on feedback and reports from you fine people all over the world. Things like this can differ alot between different countries and different gaming metas, so you can never go wrong in letting us know how you feel about the costs. Even if you think it's fine as it is, it still says something and is valuable feedback to us. We will listen!

So, either let us know here on the blog, at our DakkaDakka thread, or by e-mailing me (attillaq3 at gmail.com).



  1. Hi and first of all thanks for all the work done and in progress.
    I would like to raise a question for characters costs comparing Malekith of Dark Elves (at 800 pts) VS Archaeon (1000 pts)
    Since difference between the two (besides wound counts also referred to special abilities and such) is very high in terms of gameplay, isn’t Malekith too expensive? (or Archaeon too cheap?)
    Thanks in advance for your comments

    1. Hi, and thanks!
      I have added Malekith to the list to check out more closely before next update. I think what brings Malekith up in points is his "halve wounds" special rule, which can be very good against the more powerful things that does multiple wounds. But he might well be worth less than 800 pts!

  2. Thanks for the fast feedback!
    I'll look forward to see if his value will change or be confirmed on further updates.
    In any case thanks again for all the good work

  3. Hello! I recently played a game egainst Aelves. have to admit that this army got really powerfull. in older editions elves where fragile .. but in aos it turns out that they have some of the most resilient and tough units in the game.. which makes no sence to old players from warhammer :)/ anyway my point is about phoenix guardsw i beleive they should be a bit more expensive . i mean 5 orruk ardboys cost pretty much the same 16 pts vs 17 pts the phoenix guards and they are not that touugh.. elves are tougher than orcs? when did that happend? Thank you for you awesome work so far!!

    1. Yeah, many of the things that were fragile before have gotten alot tougher in AoS. But The Ardboy is still tougher than the Phoenix since he has 2 Wounds in his profile, and the Phoenix has a 50% chance of having 2 wounds (and a 25% chance of having 3). Statistically, the Ardboy has around 14% better survivability and also 11% better damage. The Phoenix has some other stuff going for them instead.