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Friday, 15 April 2016

GA: Order Battalions


Some of you have been asking about the Battalions from the latest Grand Alliance book (Order). Ninthmusketeer from the Dakkadakka PPC thread has once again come to the rescue and put points to them. They will all be in for the May update, but if you want to playtest them earlier than that (and provide feedback on them before the update)...here they are:

[Stormcast] Warrior Brotherhood - 150 pts 

[Seraphon] Bloodclaw Starhost - 200 pts 

[Seraphon] Heavanswrath Starhost - 325 pts. 
The potential of Bastiladons which heal one wound a round drove the price way up. 

[Sylvaneth] Forest Spirit Wargrove - 100 pts 

[Human] Pilgrimage of Wrath - 100 pts 

[Human] Freeguild Regiment - 75 pts 

[Human] War Council - Free 

[Human/Dwarf] Artillery Detachment - 75 pts 

[Duardin] Grudgebound War Throng - 200 pts 

[Aelf] Spyreheart Warhost - 75 pts, +25 per Phoenix included. 

[Aelf] Dragonlord Host - 125 pts 

[Aelf] Realm Reavers - 175 pts 

[Aelf] Bloodwrack Sisterhood - 75 pts 

[Aelf] Thrall Warhost - 175 pts 

[Aelf] Ebondrake Warhost - 100 pts 

[Aelf] Waystone Pathfinders - 300 pts

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