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Monday, 4 April 2016

AoS Battleplans 3 - The Balance of Power

In anticipation for the Godbeasts campaign book, it's time to take a look at the battleplans of the third campaign book for Age of Sigmar, The Balance of Power.

This book is probably the most balanced one so far to use with the PPC system. Most battleplans will require no additional tweaks. Just purchase armies of equal points and you will be in for some good battles!

Always ignore the part of The Armies section that says "If one player has at least a third more models than their opponent, then...". Instead, always choose or roll off to determine each player's role in the battleplan.

On Thin Ice (p. 27)
-Each player gains one of the Sudden Death missions described in the battleplan. Roll a dice and let the player with the highest roll select which Sudden Death mission they will use. The other player gains the other mission.
  The Ground Breaker mission is worth 5 victory points if achieved.
  The Land Bridge mission is worth 4 victory points if achieved.

-At the end of the game, check how many units have been destroyed:
  Each enemy unit worth up to 100 pts scores you 1 victory point if destroyed.
  Each enemy unit worth up to 300 pts scores you 2 victory point if destroyed.
  Each enemy unit worth more than 300 pts scores you 4 victory point if destroyed.

The Hidden Artefact (p. 41)
-No changes needed!

Consumed (p. 56)
-No changes needed!

Uneasy Alliances (p. 80) - 4-Player Battleplan!
-Disregard the Victory conditions and use this instead:
  Add up the PPC point cost worth of all units slain during the game. The alliance that have slain the   most points wins the game!
  The player within that alliance who have slain the most points wins a Major Victory. 
  The other player in the alliance wins a Minor Victory.

Home Ground (p. 106)
-No changes needed!

Breach the Line (p. 155)
-No changes needed!

The Dilemma (p. 170)
-No changes needed!

Path of Retreat (p. 201)
-No changes needed!

Never Give Up (p. 201)
-No changes needed!

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