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Saturday, 27 February 2016

Changes in the Grand Alliance Books

Cheers all!

These are the changes I've found going through the both GA books. I've not listed simple name changes, but only ones that actually affect the warscroll gameplay. I'm sure there are more changes that I've not noticed, so please comment if you've found anything else.


Exalted Hero of Chaos - New warscroll, replaces old Chaos Lord.

Lord of Chaos - New warscroll, replaces old Chaos Lord.

Skullmaster (formerly Herald of Khorne on Juggernaut) - Gained ability Decapitating Blow like the other Bloodletters have.

All daemon troops: Their Locus of... abilities are now more general to trigger when nearby generic daemon heroes from their faction.

Nurglings: Can now be summoned.

Kairos Fateweaver - Lost ability Secrets and Ciphers.

The Masque of Slaanesh - Changed the Endless Dance so it's no longer a "silly rule". Now it's based on her Move vs the opponent's Move.

Bray Shaman - May now only summon CHAOS MONSTERS, not any monsters...

Ghorgon - Now has 14 wounds!

Cygor - Now has 14 wounds!

Cockatrice - No longer any staring contests. Petrifying Gaze now always works on 4+.

Giant - Changed keywords so it belongs to CHAOS now: CHAOS, GARGANT, ALEGUZZLER, MONSTER.

Packmaster - Gained ability Wolf Rat.

Mannfred, Mortarch of Night: Changed ability Mortarch of Night. You must successfully cast a spell to get +1 to hit and wound rolls. Does no longer matter if it's night or if you play in darkness...

Vampire Lord: Gained ability Chalice of Blood, allowing him to heal D6 wounds once.

Vargheists: Can no longer be summoned.

Corpse Cart: Gets some weapon options.

Wight King w. Black Axe: Replaces Krell, and lost the ability Champion of the Dead.

Wight King w. Baleful Tomb Blade: Replaces Wight King. Gained command ability Lord of Bones from Krell's warscroll.

Black Knights: Lost ability Spectral Steeds, so can no longer go through terrain.

Skeletons: Lost the Tomb Shields options.

Varghulf: Changes to its keywords: DEATH, MORDANT, FLESH-EATER COURTS, HERO, VARGHULF

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