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Sunday, 31 January 2016

WarmaHordes for AoS!

For a long time now, the Warmachine section of this blog has been neglected. Now that we have reached a truly stable version of the Comp, it is time to revisit the exciting world of WarmaHordes and turn them into playable factions in Age of Sigmar (including PPC point costs of course)!

This will be done for all the Warmachine factions first, and then for Hordes, and will happen in three steps:

1) All units from Warmachine Prime will have Warscrolls. Scyrah and Cyriss will have the same amount of units made.

2) These units will have any unit addons made, such as standard bearers and captains.

3) Finally all units from the faction-specific books will be given warscrolls.

So far the Cygnar Prime is updated, and can be found HERE!
I'm aiming to get Khador, Menoth and Cryx done by the end of the week.

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