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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Possible Rules Addition Vote

Hey all,

As most of you know, we like to keep the rules alterations as small as possible in the PPC. There is one issue that might need to be adressed in the upcoming version of the comp, an issue that can ruin many a games and by the looks of it from different forums often does so.

Some models, such as the Seraphon Ripperdactyl Riders, can generate extra attacks when they strike. These extra attacks can in turn generate even further attacks...which in turn generates more and more attacks....

It has been proposed that we deal with this issue, so we hereby present three options for you all to choose from. You can either reply your vote directly here on the blog, or email me at "attillaq3" at gmail.com, or making your voice heard on the Dakka forum here.

The three options are:

A) Put in a comp rule so that extra attacks cannot themselves generate any extra attacks. 

B) Go through all warscrolls that allows extra attacks generated by attacks and take away rules where neccessary (such as removing Toad Rage from Ripperdactyls). 

C) Leave everything as is and just make sure things cost accordingly!