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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Stormcast Eternals now v0.6

Stormcast Eternals have been updated to v0.6!
This version includes tweaks to the cost of some units, and the addition of the newly released models such as the Celestant-Prime and the new Prosecutor models.

Perhaps the most drastic change this time is raising the cost for the Retributor type units, as they were too cheap earlier. Now they cost the same as the Nurgle Blight Kings, which should be more proper.

The Celestant-Prime was hard to put points to. On one hand, you have this large model with only 8 wounds and a about average damage output for a monster (but with a really nice ranged attack!). On the other, you can make it appear almost anywhere and get the charge on almost anything...and it's damage potential goes through the roof the longer you wait. .. and of course it has a 3+ armour save on top of all this. All these things combined is hard to factor in with a base formula, but we believe its correct cost to be somewhere around where it's at now.

You can find all lists here.

If anyone has a request for which list to do next, please let me know and I'll bump it up the line.

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