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Thursday, 3 September 2015

Sneak Peak of possible future project for the PPC

Cheers all!

I thought you might be interested in seeing something I'd like to make for all lists, once the points costs have been stabilized abit more:

That's right, regular old playing cards including all rules and points costs for all unit options! Warmachine-style, if you will, but for Age of Sigmar :) The picture above shows the front of the Stormcast Eternals from the starter set.

EDIT: The cards in the pictures are the about same size as Magic the Gathering cards. The ones shown are placed in 66x91mm sleeves. Thanks xevv on Dakkadakka for asking me this so I could clarify.

Here we have the backs of the same cards, each stating the abilities of the unit as well as any other vital info for the actual gameplay:

The weapon lines look very tiny on the picture below, but it's easier to read on the real life card! :)
 Closer view of the Liberators prototype card...

 ...and the back containing any special rules.

If there is any interest in me doing this, please let me know either at the forum or with a simple comment below. This will be a time consuming project, and I'll only make cards for all armies if there is a proper interest in it. :)