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Monday, 7 September 2015

Dwarf list updated to v0.6!

Cheers all!

I have now updated the Dwarfs to v0.6. This version is to be considered stable when it comes to points costs set by algorithm. But as we all know, a formula can not be 100% accurate all of the time, so from now on we will change any unit that needs to change from playtest reports. This means it is very important that you tell us anything you can about this list in play - be it something you have found to be balanced, or something you have found to be not so balanced.


So, exactly what has changed for v0.6?

Taking a closer look at the warmachines, it has been too easy to abuse some of them to really obliterate an enemy when used in conjunction with a Duardin Engineer. While each warmachine is powerful in its own right because of the flexibility that their range provides, they become doubly so when a few of them are bunched up together with an engineer.

The solution to this problem might be an easy one - the Engineer may now only improve one warmachine each turn. This little rule, together with a raise in cost for warmachines in general, means you can now use them as they are meant to be used but not too many at the same time or with the same brutal efficiency as before. This will probably make it more viable to use other troops as a supplement.


I have also had reports that Gyrocopters and Gyrobombers just didn't perform at all according to their cost. They are too easily taken down before they can apply any damage. Because of this, I've decreased their points costs quite abit to see if they find action now.


Lastly, I have gone through all ranged infantry options in the dwarf force, like I will for the other lists during the v0.6 updates. Reports and our own playtesting tells us that ranged options really isn't that scary, and so needs to be tweaked accordingly.


Again, PLEASE let me know how this all works out for you and your group! Especially considering the changes to warmachines, as before they were generally too good, but we don't want to overprice them either.

You can easily add a comment on this blog, or head over to our Dakkadakka thread.

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