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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Another Comp Rule Bites the Dust!

In the spirit of not changing Age of Sigmar any more than absolutely neccessary, another rule will go away when the PPC hits v0.3.

Some days ago we discussed the to be or not to be of penalties when firing into and out of melee. It used to be at a -1 to hit to do so, but it was decided that we no longer need that addition.

The same is now true with Screening. That rule got added at the beginning of the Comp, because there were many voices on the internet forums that claimed AoS was unbalanced because of the ease you could pick out heroes. A few months in, it has become appearant that in many cases, it isn't as easy as first was assumed, and also that the balance of AoS in many ways lies in the possibility to pick off support characters where needed.

For these reasons, and the main reason that we don't want to change the game beyond absolutely neccessary, Screening will be gone once the PPC Comp Pack gets updated to v0.3 very soon.

- But wait, I hear you say, doesn't that make shooty units overpowered then?

To that we can only say that everything so far indicates that this is not the case, and that it actually seems that ranged units are even overcosted right now (not all of them, but many) when compared to their damage and survivability. With the removal of the ranged fire penalties, alot of this underperformance will be evened out - and what gets too good can easily be fixed by raising their cost enough.

Only time can tell if this is the right choice, but it really feels like it is, as it will now mean that people playing with the PPC Comp will truly play Age of Sigmar in a better balanced version of how it's meant to be played rules-wise.

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