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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Vampire Counts on the Cheap!

Time for a small paus in the updating army list business, to actually enjoy the hobby itself for abit! :)

Right before WFB 8th got whacked we had plans of starting Kings of War as well as WFB. Since I wanted to play Undead in both games I went out and got alot of Mantic Undead miniatures...

And then Age of Sigmar came with its round bases and forced me to make a difficult decision. Should I keep the square bases on my models because it's still legal and easier to use with WFB and KoW, or should I go all in and rebase them. I knew that I would enjoy the skirmish mode of AoS alot more if I went through the trouble of rebasing to round, and for KoW it's really the movement tray size that matters, more than individual model bases...

With that in my mind, I chopped up enough models for a nice 500 points Vampire Counts army, made almost entirely from Mantic miniatures. A cheap but cool Vampire Counts army for Age of Sigmar! Once these fellows have some paint on them, I will take them for a test game against a friend playing Empire - and then we'll add a few more points for each game until we reach 1500-2000 points... gonna be awesome!

From left to right: 3 Crypt Horrors, a Strigoi Ghoul King,
 6 Grave Guard, Wight King, and finally 13 Skeleton Warriors.
By the way...watch out for the minion in the back!
My fearless Wight King and his retinue of Grave Guard!

The General, a fearsome Strigoi Ghoul King, an old Rackham miniature.

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