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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Stormcast Eternals v0.5, and Skaven v0.5b

Good evening (around here anyway)!

Today sees the update of Stormcast Eternals to v0.5. This also means the addition of Decimators and Protectors to the list.

A few people have pointed out some typos in the Skaven list for Clanrats and Giant Rats, and we took the opportunity to revise those entries. The Skaven list is now v0.5b for that reason.

Find the lists HERE as usual!

Now off to keep working the Vampire Counts list. It will hopefully be ready for release tomorrow!



  1. Oh yeah, you're so fast. I wasn't expecting that 0.5 for the Eternals btw I got an answer from GW with the mace issue they didnt give me any solution, they just said that they're reporting it to the rules department to fix the difference but I don't know which one is the valid, so yeah as we said 1 each 5 will be the way for the momment. Looking forward the 0.5 VC. Keep the good work man :)

    1. They've fixed it already to 1 mace per 5 paladins, looks like my report did something.

    2. That's very nice to hear, that they actually listens and clarifies stuff! Good we made the right call and put it 1/5 from the start :)