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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Small corrections and tweaks to Daemons and Vampire Counts

Just two small updates for two existing v0.5 lists:

Daemons of Chaos
It has been pointed out that the Daemons of Chaos list contained an error with the Plaguebearer's cost. 30 Plaguebearers should cost 280p, not 290p. This has been fixed and the DoC list is now 0.5b.

Vampire Counts
The Vampire Counts list had the Shambling Horror ability of the Zombie unit disabled, But this did not feel right as we should try to have the game as unchanged as possible.

A tweak has been made to enable the ability again, but with a twist:
You can now merge units, but may never end up with a unit that is larger than it was when the game started. What this means, is that if you buy a unit of 40 Zombies, and 10 of them dies, you can summon a new unit of Zombies and merge the two units, as long as the combined unit is no larger than 40 models.

We really think this change was a good one, but let us know what you think!

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