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Saturday, 8 August 2015

PPC Comp Pack v0.2 released!

The PPC Composition Pack just got a well needed facelift!

It has had some rules clarified, and the three scenarios added...and just looks alot better :)

Check it out HERE!

Remember to join the discussion about it att dakkadakka!



  1. Downloaded, looks way more better indeed, trying the 3 scenarios this evening/night too. I will give you some feedback too. Last but not least thank you for putting me in the credits, I don't know why, I'm doing nothing, all the work is yours. Thank you again, writing again soon...

    1. You write here, you contribute...the thanks is all mine ;)
      Looking forward to hearing about the scenarios - don't hesitate to write about anything you feel didn't work good enough. That's the best feedback as it drives the project forward!

  2. Hi there, reporting my impression after this weekend. My friend and I played 3 games. First one 700 points, VC (he) vs Stormcast (Me). The second and third was 1350 VC (he) both times vs dark elves and stormcast again (me). We played the three games using your summoning rules with some changes, no points cost for the spell and the mage knows the 4 lvls, he said the cast level before rolling the dices, imo this way looks balanced at least in this case (he used just a vampire in all of the 3 games, so just one spell per turn) but maybe if he uses more caster might be a bit unbalanced (we're going to try this week). Dime other things I noticed, you should add some rule like "look out sir" like rolling all the succesfull hits and each 2+ csn be redirected to another unit in 3'. We noticed that with the DE and their reaperbolt war machine (can't remember the complete name in english). De used that rule otherway means their vampire dead un the first turn or the first he leaves the cover and enter in my visión range. Other thing we see with the dark elves is like 3 reaper looks a bit overpower (25% points warmachines) maybe putting como kind of limitation like >1000 just one,1000-2000 2... Other problem that im thinking is stacking low cost heroes for example 5 necromancers or so, maybe doing something like the reaper throw as i just said like máximum 2 heroes >1000, 1000-2000 4 heroes... Not just de 50% limitation. I know i have more suggestions to do but i can't remember them know xD, i will let you know as soon as i remember them. Sorry for my bad english, and the amount of words if u dont understand something dont hesitate in saying it an i will try to explain it in other way. Just a las thing can you do next the empire warscroll? My friend wanna play with them but we saw a heavy point fails in several units. Thank you!!

    1. Thanks for all feedback, mate! Don't worry about your English, it's fine and I understand everything you've written!

      We have had many people say that the summoning cost is too great, so I will lower it. I will not remove the cost entirely at first, but maybe later if people want that. I think a cool rule could be that if you buy an expensive summoning spell, you also know the easier ones. And yes, please try with more summoners and tell me how it felt.

      About the "Look out Sir", most people so far don't want that rule, as they think a character should not be able to hide with other units. I have looked into the damage of the Reaper Bolt Thrower, and I think the main problem is that it does ALOT of damage over a very long range for its points cost. I will raise the cost of it to 130p. That means you can only have 1 in 1000pts, and 2 in 1500pts. Do you think that cost is enough, or should it even cost more since it can stand back and still kill stuff?

      We will try to create a balance with points costs first, but if that fails we need to look into more limitations for the comp. I will note your suggestions for limiting heroes/warmachines and take it up when we need it.

      Did you get a chance to try any of the scenarios? If we could get feedback on them it would be excellent!

      Again thank you for this valuable feedback!!

    2. I'm actually doing the Empire list next, as I too have a friend who will play them. :)
      Can you ask your friend what he found very out of place in the list? I can keep an extra eye on those things when I update to v0.5

    3. Hi again, we didn't play any scenario just killing each other with the raw rules (sudden death). About the reaper bolt, that can be a way to fix it (raising the point value). Looking that way the "look out sir" rule is stupid yes, the heroe hidding i always understand that rule in the way that the troop move across the fire to save their héroes. I think that u really need to do something with the hero amount apart from the point limitation, stacking low cost wizards can be really unbalanced imo. For the empire I can't remember what noticed with low cost, i think the heroes was the main problem and the steamtank but cant really remeber it. We will try this week as i said stacking necromancers in his case and trying to play some scenario, it will be the 5 point capture probably. Typing soon :)

  3. Oh man, im seeing a lot of fails just for the mobile typing aid, I should had changed the language to english :( one last thing if u want to, you can give me your fb or skype or something to chat instead of posting here. I think it will be better...